Miniso Facial Vibration Brush Review

I bet if you ever went to Miniso stores, you might spot their Facial brush that looks similar to the 

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush or Clarisonic Facial brush.

In comparison of price, the Miniso Facial Brush is selling at only RM79.90 which is totally less than hald the price of Mary Kay or even the Clarasonic Facial brush.

So now, you might wonder is this facial brush the kind of brush that works as the same function as the expensive ones? or is it worth just buying it since it's cheaper than the upmarket facial brushes sold in stores ?

First of all, some stores, especially the Miniso store in Nu Sentral does have a demo set where you get to try the texture of this brush and vibration power in the store. 

After a month of using the Miniso Facial brush, I finally come to a state where I felt like I would like to share my experience of using this cleansing brush as compared to the Mary Kay and Clarasonic Facial Brush.

Here's My verdict after comparing the Miniso Facial Brush 
1: The price is way much cheaper and it comes with an extra Brush
2: The Brush is indeed waterproof so you can even use it while showering and placed in the bathroom without worrying your batteries would get rusty in a humid environment.
3. The Vibration does work and it is quite decent vibration power that can be felt on the skin.
4 .Design is very pretty and simple.

1.It uses 2 AAA batteries which is not rechargable as compared to the Clarisonic Facial Brush'
2.The brushes does not rotate like the Mary Kay Brush , Clarisonic and Elisha Coy 3D spin cleanser.
3. The brush material is quite rough.
4. It only has 1 button on off function.

Usage method:
I only used it once a week and lightly scrub my skin  different parts for 30seconds,
as I find the brush quite rough on my skin.

What do i think ?

It does cleans well but the feeling is different as I am used to the Clarisonic Brush which rotates so it felt to me as it did not did a super thorough cleansing job for me.
Nevertheless, if you want a cheaper option and had never tried other facial brushes which rotates, I believe it would be quite a cheaper way on investing a facial cleanser that can be use not on a daily basis.
 Plus ,this cleansing brush feels firm and comfortable to hold on to but it might be quite heavy for me as there are 2 AAA batteries in it. 

Well, I hope my verdict and advice did help you out in researching about this Miniso Brush before purchasing it as Afterall, RM79.90 is not super cheap anyways.

Have a nice day and Go be Beautiful !



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