What is the Malay Language and the Comparison between Bahasa Melayu Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia?

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The Malay Language - Bahasa Melayu
Bahasa Malaysia aka Bahasa Melayu is known as the standard language of Malaysia widely spoken by all Malaysian. Bahasa Indonesia aka Indonesian Language is known as the standard language of Indonesia and widely spoken by all Indonesian. Bahasa Brunei aka Brunei Language or Malay language is the standard language of Brunei and widely spoken by all Bruneian.
This is not a  language challenge video but an informative video on the difference of these countries languages and similarities of it as well as my suggestion on which language to learn. Which should you learn then? Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia?
Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Brunei ? Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Brunei ? My explanation of these Austronesian languages are soley my own suggestions and experience. Informations and pictures of subjects for Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei are all taken from wikipedia site. I do hope these informations about the difference of Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Brunei will help you out in choosing which language / Bahasa to Learn ! All the Best !!

Tujuan video ini adalah untuk mempopulasikan Bahasa Melayu dan menolong orang asia untuk belajar Bahasa Melayu tidak kiranya Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Brunei ataupun Bahasa Indonesia. Klick logo empat persegi di tepi logo tetapan untuk Sari kata/ penterjemahan / subtitles dalam Bahasa Melayu. Mari kita menyebarkan Bahasa Melayu supaya orang-orang asingnya boleh suka dan belajar bahasa kita yang indah dan senang sekali ! Terima kasih atas komen-komen anda dan jangan lupa melanggan saluran saya dan memberi idea -idea baru mengenai apa yang anda mahu dengar daripada saya. 
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