What Malaysians miss when living abroad

Hi guys! If you all still don't know, I am a Malaysian and this video I will be speaking in Malaysian accent, known as Manglish. 

Do not be surprise if you can't understand My Manglish or Malaysian english as we tend to mix in lots of words from different languages such a Malay, hokkien, cantonese, tamil and Chinese Mandarin. Well that's for me or mainly the chinese malaysian living in Malaysia.

Living in Malaysia for my whole life and moving to another country can be challenging for us Malaysians. If you ever thought of moving to another country or wonder what's the joy of being in another country?
Then you should think again cause we Malaysians no matter how will still miss back Malaysia in terms of many things that we were brought up here especially our culture,food, people, languages and many more.

Bahasa Malaysia aka Bahasa Melayu is known as the standard language of Malaysia widely spoken by all Malaysian. However, if you come to Kuala Lumpur city and hear the locals speakig among each others, you would realize not everyone speaks Malay language but English in a different form. Manglish is quite similar to Singlish, Singaporean English but in a more complicated manner inserting more different languages. However, in this video I wont be explaining about Manglish but more on the feelings on how a Malaysian like me living aboard feels and misses about my own country. It's not about patriotism but more about the culture and people, language we were brought up with. If you can understand our Malaysian Manglish, Bravo ! You are graduated from Malaysian Felicia Manglish Language Academy ! LOL, nah, I know I am just full of bullshit but I'm glad to share with you guys about my country and I hope you don't Unsubcribe me just because I talk less about Norway. It doesn't mean I still don't love or Like Norway. But I do want to let you guys know about my country , my original self with my family and my culture.

If you are Malaysian and watching this, do let me know what you miss as well when you live abroad !
Or if you are going to live abroad , here's my best advice on what you might prepare yourself to miss most when living abroad yea !

 Thank you so much for following me and giving me all the support and love. 

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