Crowning Miss Petite Spokesperson 2017

On 26th May 2017, Friday night was a memorable night where I got the chance to witness the crowing glory for Miss Petite Spokesperson 2017.

This event was held in HGH Convention centre and with a huge main hall seating many guests from all over Malaysia and the world. 

Upon entering, I bumped into Baddogz Jin ( Photographer & Entrepeuner) and partner Mier Yap and
they were both looking stunning as Baddogs Jin would be the judge of the crowning Miss Petite Spokesperson this 2017. 
The interior of HGH Convetion centre was very modern and has with a huge stage. The theme of this year was Gold and Black and I am totally in that theme. Ain't i ?
 I was seated on The VIP tables with guests of Michelle's (CEO of YOunige Image) Mr Kid Chan and his friend Suannnie and beside me my partner Christian Bjerknes and  the wife of  Vincent Hor ( the Judge as of sponsor for this year's Miss Petite )
 It started off introducing their sponsors and the Event Presenter AGP Group of Companies CEO Angus Grame gave his honor speech.
The performance were beyond our imagination as It was a performance full of suspense, emotions , adoration and  entertaining.

Even the food presentation started off with lazer beam lights and fire flames spitting out of corners on the stage. I was super stoked. 
And then, it started with lots of huge graphic animation with a story behind of a girl lost and wandering and an entrance of the beauties as her guardians.

 As shocking as it seems, a huge rim of darkness devil decent from the stage with and her lover, helped but couldn't protect her much.

 It all ended as the Guardians came for the second time in beautiful gold outfits and overthrowing the devil or evil man whom tried to harm the girl. It was surely a well plan cheorography with music, talented singers blending in together with the catwalk of these girls.

They then proceed next to a performance of talent by Sarah Jane. She danced very well and left the audience wondering if she was actually Chinese or Indian .
 And the winner for the Miss Petite Spokeperson Most talented Performance is  of course-Elena Khaw
 She made all our heart beat dropped. A stunning performance and I couldn't believe Miss Petite Spokesperson would have such talented beauties.

It was a long night and finally, the crowning glory moment where Yew Hoe Yan, 20, was crowned first runner-up while Litsan Chong, 29, was the second runner-up and finally, Shubasini Revichandren as the Miss Petite Spokesperson 2017.
 I even bumped into Josh Lim  Founder of Advertlets | SlideShare
 Elaine Wong Schok Ying- Miss Petite International 2016 ,3rd Runner up .

Irene Tan, the organizing chairman of ITiara Production Sdn Bhd is the beauty and brains behind this pageant and she looks stunning with her huge crown and beautiful black gown!

With Founder of IBHEA and MAKE Up Puzzle - Christina Foo ( which is also the sponsor and judge) 
The talented singer , actor and celebrity Ms Suki Yap and thanks to her for inviting me and my partner to this event.

With the beauties of Miss Petite Malaysia International 2016 and they can now finally say that they are the seniors of Miss Petite Malaysia !.

 2016 Miss Petite Malaysia Universal beauty queens,Left  3rdst Runner up Elaine Wong Schok Ying , Miss Petite Malaysia Universal 2016 Esthe and 2nd Runner up.
With Contestant number 3-Charlotte Elle

 With Michelle Son again , Feliciazoe (me) ,  3rd Runner up Elaine Wong Schok Ying   1st Runner up Victoria Lynn and Miss Petite Malaysia Universal 2016 Esthe 
With the 27 year old So Huey Ru, RU TONY 
Miss Petitite Spokesperson 2017 3rd Runner Up.

with Amy Chg a well known freelance-model.

And the top 3 beauty queens were so busy that I didn't had the chance to have a picture with them

It was an unforgetable night, a history made of a pageant with no swimming performance but instead a much more stunning talented performance by the beauties.

Their talents and wisdom has proven that Petite women as more than just a beautiful face and the lack of height. They are way much more beautiful inside as well.
Bravo, to
Irene Tan, the organizing chairman of ITiara Production Sdn Bhd whom is the beauty and brains behind this pageant and Congratulations to this years winning beauty of the Miss Petite Spokesperson 2017 !


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