Gel nail services in Desa Park City : Luminous Beauty Parlour Review

Recently, there are so many nail parlour services in Malaysia but yet it's not easy to find a quality nail artist whom can draw well or match the design you want. 
So Where can you get  quality  and beautiful unique gel nail art services in KL area?
Well, if you are around Klang Valley, Kepong, Manjalara, Damansara that area, do drop by Luminous Beauty Parlour where I got my nails pimped up for this Raya and my trip back to Norway!

The package of 3D nail art I had chose was amazing as they even insert real preserved flowers in my nails which makes it super 3D !
Plus, since it's gel, this beautiful nails would surely last me for several weeks !
I love how she was able to match the flowers ribbon , glitters and bling it up without it looking too much. It was just what I wanted, Sweet, simple and unique.

It's located at the New Plaza Arcadia in Desa Park City , super near to Manjalara and they even have free parking service for this year 2017 !
You would surely need a GPS to get here cause this Plaza Arcadia is quite big !
 Finally, I arrived Luminous Beauty Parlour doorstep !

Oh but first, let me take a selfie ! 
My first impression  of this place was how neat,clean and elegant  the interior design was.
I love their reception marble table and the combination of white, rose gold and gold were like my favourite colour and the trendy colour nowadays !
 ( since my family all have rose gold phone colour!)

I was warmly greeted by Charlotte and sat on these comfy sofa to  browse through the  colour set of nails I want . Decision making for just colours only was not easy !

And after I made my decision on my chioce , package and  colours, I was lead through the hallway to the  behind area.

Passing through was interesting to see how hidden the toilets is !
It's like a walk-in cabinet, so cool !
And these glass windows made me so tempted to try out their facial services.
It look so simple but yet classy , bright and clean .

Honestly, their interior designer did a really good job. Most facial parlour I went doesnt look as classy as this for sure. They said they plan to have curtains in future for customers whom wants more privacy.
And when i got to the back I was like WOW !!!! I never expected behind looked so much different from in front . Super instagramable place and feels totally like a nice upclass cafe.
Well, in that case, we get served free TEA ! 
So, it's like a cafe with free drinks , a view and also  get beautiful nails done.
What I  like most when I saw their pedicure area and went like WOW.
I  seriously want to know who is their interior designer cause I think he did a great job.

 Who wouldn't  believe that such classy
 beauty  nail parlour exists in  Manjalara and Kepong , Desa Park City Area?
And then when you sit there, you can also get a view of the lush greenery or watch TV while they do the pedicure.

Since I my  package was just medicure I had to sit on the chair facing nearer to the window. 
I must say I haven't done my medicure for 4 months already and It was dirty full of deadcells.
However, the nail artist was super detailed in cleaning my nails which I had never experienced before.

Most of the time just for medicure, they would only take less than 10mins or about that. 
However, since mine was super dirty, she had to clean and reshape my nails for some time. That kind of service was a thumbs up !

I must also say she was very caring in asking me to inform her if it's painful and she would just stop. To my surprised, my medicure process was not painful at all.
I chose to use the DIAMI gel nails since they recommended it and since that brand is from Korea.,
I trust it for sure.
Here, see how black and dirty my nails are !
I love how fast gel nail polish dries just with the UV light . But then doing nail art on it still took some time as after coloring the base the deco part was not easy since the preserved flowers were super tiny. It felt like a mini nail operation going on where she had to fiddle with these tiny things.
I can see how focused she was that she barely talks while doing my nails.
But anyhow, I had some nice entertainment on my phone as well as Charlotte there to have some chats with me and refilling my cup of tea. 
Finally, my nails were fully pimped and I love how she was able to combine this design with baby blue since It's my favourite colour and looked super sweet.

I also asked her to helped me remove my old non -gel nail polish on my feet and she  even
didn't charge me for that. I was super touched and thought, I must be back here to enjoy their pedicure next time ! It's such a comfy place to do pedicure .
 I just can't stop admiring my nails now and it's been a week since I had them on , none of it has yet to chipped off ,not even my super 3D ribbon  !

Thanks so much for the lovely nail art and I would surely be back to try pedicure or  facial or eyebrow embroidery services !  

Ps. Their facial treatment products used Babor brand which is super wellknown.

I must say my 3D gel nail art service was way beyond my expectation and
that with this ambience for such quality service,
it was sure worth the price paid for !
Futhermore, with the free parking in Plaza Arcadia and the quality of nail art that would last  for several weeks. I sure feel like diva with a beautiful artpiece on me specially made just to
match my preference.

Currently, this June, July 2017, Luminious is having a super deal for their opening package as well as discount if we bring another friend or even refer them especially for Luminous Beauty Parlour maincure and pedicure service.

Plus, first time facial costs only  Rm88 and RM128 for their treatment facial ! I can't wait to come here again and try out their facial services!

And If you are interested in any New Promotions of Updates about their dicount packages and services, do follow their Instagram  LUMINOUS BEAUTY PARLOUR 
Like their Facebook Page Luminous Beauty Parlour
Or  Call 012-696 6183 
to make bookings now !
Location : 
G-1-7, Plaza Arcadia NO.3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thanks for dropping by !


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