Latest Facial Aqua Oxygen treatment available at De Era Wellness (DEWS) !

Hey Guys n Girls !
Just about a month ago, I attended the launch for
Dews, De Era Wellness at Kota Damansara, PJ !
Their location is super easy to spot and walking distance from the Strand Damansara. So parking there wouldn't be an issue.

Since they are newly opened, their products and machines used are also very new and modern.
A facial experience that I never tried before and was very impressed with this concept.
I chose the Aqua Oxygen facial as I have oily and combination skin and prefer something more soothing and hydrating.

Can you believe this machine is also touch screen and has 3 different functions such as timing, Releasing high pressure Oxygen and Releasing  also high pressure saline solution.

So if you are wondering how different is this machine like, do keep reading further more.
I was honored to be in the Vip room 2, which was really huge ! It even has a corner where someone can just sit there and monitor me. But too bad, I don't have a bodyguard or someone patient enough to wait for me.

Arriving a bit late at 2.20pm , I ended my session roughly around 5pm.

It started with consultation which treatment I should take.

And then changing into their provided outfit as well as placing my bag in their cupboard. No keys needed since It's a private room anyways.

And when I mean spacious, It could also fit another bed perfect to get friends to do the facial together.
 I love their rose gold satin outfit. It was very comfortable and the colour is so nice !
Then it started with the usual cleansing . I like their scent and the beautician was very gentle to my skin as well. I must say she massages my face quite a lot.

It then proceed with extracting and this I must say was not that painful. The beautician was very caring and kept asking if Im ever in pain, do let her know. However, the extraction was not throughly extracted as compared to my other usual beautician. 
Nevertheless, I must say after extraction , I was impressed with their Aqua Oxygen machine as she started to spray my face with saline solution. It was cold , soothing and not too painful. In fact, i love the cold effect on my skin . 
 Next, she places the serum into the Oxygen treatment and this time, I felt a much higher perssure and it was quite painful near my eyes.
The beautician was also caring and told me if I can't tolerate the pain, just tell her to place the nozzle further away from my face.

Lastly, a soothing mint mask as after the extraction , my face got really red.
It worked well and reduce the redness on my face and I love this kind of cooling mask. 
She ended with a really good shoulder massage since I prefer not to massage my face.
Overall, their service treatment and ambience was very good. 
It felt super classy and their products smelt super natural and of quality.

And now, Im gonna rest my face and go makeup- less for days to recover my skin from their extraction treatment.

Have a great day and with a beautiful skin , it surely give you more confidence.

for their latest promotions and update

This is the Branch I went which was at Kota Damansara

No.1, Jalan PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well, they have a bigger branch in Ipoh and I hope to check that place out someday ! Their interior decoration is gorgeous !


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