New Summer Outfits from Collin Street Review

Heya All ! Recently I got some outfits from Collin Street  through their website

So I got these 2 , the culotte pants
and also their Braided top

It only took 2 days for my parcel to arrive with Pos Laju and I was quite worried if the pants wouldn't fit but S Size fitted me perfectly !!
And the descrption of the product picture was exactly how it was.
Actually , even better !

Purchasing this on their website was super easy as well.
What I love is their Online website layout shop is so clean and simple to understand the purchasing method. 
I added my own hat to give a summer look  to this outfit. 

You can see how detailed and fine the braided top looks like .
I feel super eco friendly and sweet in this braided top ! 

So usually if I buy pants, they are super long but thankfully this one was not too long for my legs because it's high waist and I can pull it up higher a bit.
So if you are tall, you don't need to wear it that high up like me. 

This pants is currently the highest waist pants I ever had so far and I love high waist pants cause 
they lengthen my legs.

The Braided top was a bit loose so I match it with a beige tube top.
So if I pull the braided top up higher, you can see how high waist this pants is and it makes my waist look super small.  Love also that it comes with the belt ! 
And when i sit down, it doesn't look like a super loose pants.
But what I like most is the quality. 
It took me only 5 mins to iron the pants and them I came back hang them up 
and realize, I don't really need to iron this pants all the time. 
It doesn't get wrinkly even after wearing it.

But don't forget to wear seamless underwear so the lines wouldn't be obvious.
The waist part was definitely tight fitting which means it wouldn't make me look chubby 
and also tight on my ass so I had to wear a seemless underwear if not the lines would be obvious.

I would totally wear this outfit when I travel. 
It's so comfortable and cooling to walk under the hot sun in it.
I mean for RM59, I was very impressed on how good the quality of clothes they have 
on Collin Street ! I must say RM59 for this pants is a steal !
It has a quality of those working wear pants and so comfortable.

Meanwhile the braided top is just so unique and I always love crochet kinda tops
cause they feels like handmade.

So, if you are thinking of what to shop next for this summer or vacation,
Go to
to pick you perfect quality Outfit that would arrive your doorstep
within just 2 days !

Go Be Beautiful !!

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