Steps to Apply for Sponsor post on Komachi People Media

Dear Friends and social influencers out there whom has 1000K followers or Likes on FB  or Instagram,
There is a new Social media website call Komachi and since you guys has asked me how I get $195 in my account,
here's how to do it too !
Earn from sponsor postings through Komachi and it's super easy ! 
No more emailing here and there and finding back their message to pm them ur post link.

Psttt.... Komachi did not paid me to promote this I just did it for my social influencer friends!
(good things must share ma ~ )

1st FIRST STEP :  Once u sign up, Make sure you go to your email and click on verifying your email address.
It's important cause if there is any notification, your email will get first.
For example. $$$$ is in your Komachi account. 

2nd Step : Go to Sponship Tab and click  Public.
The list of Sponsor Jobs are there.

3rd step : Then click View Details to see the information, RULES (for example, female only)
 4th Step : Read the Instructions and on what type of Job postings they have.
(make sure to see the Posting Period, and Channel - which is Instagram or Facebook

5th: If you like, you want to try out this job. go back to the previous page and Click Apply.

6th : Post the job on Instagram Or Facebook depending on the type of job you requested. 
7th Step :  Then go My sponsorship tab and you click on the job which shows Pending.
or the whole job tab

 8th Step : Finally, post the link post on the Submit post column and Click Save !

You are now ALL DONE !! 
Only 8 steps to do this and you can do this in just a few minutes ! 
Easy Right ?!

Then, just wait for their email to send you a notification of your work submission status.

If you haven't try out Komachi, or wondering is it legitimate,
so far I got $195
And here are some Rules stating 
You can kash out once you’ve hit a minimum of K$500. There will be a surcharge of 5% transaction fees on the total kash out per transaction.
So $195 =Rm195 but I will need to collect more than $500 !!!!!! Arghhh long way to go, but it's easy so why not?
So people ! If you are interested in this Social media and have more than 1000K followers, 
Just click on this Link below !
Have fun and easy time getting sponsor $$ through Social media !

Ps. Friends, let's HUAT AH !


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