A Disastrous Hitchhike in Norway

Who would ever thought 7 Nights of blasting Aurora and Days 
of diamond snows and crystal fjords
would ended up with a disastrous ending.

We slept so well the last night that we missed the 
5am One and only ferry that goes back to Bodø from Svolvær.
We both were confused with the time and had 
Dreams that were so unreal of the Aurora locking us onto our bed.

We panicked as our train woud depart the next morning and
 thought to ourselves: OH LORD HELP US !!

There were 2 ways, taking the Flight or hitch hike. 
Well, the flight is expensive and we would also need a ride there so we thought ,
 why not try Hitchhike instead ? 

We had never hitchhike in Norway ever but only in Japan so we tried
 using the method we did when we were in Japan.

The writing on board method. It was effective.
But we werent lucky as we departed late and had lots of discussions.
We first hiked with a guy whom had a day off, he drove us just to the next town and on the way stopped to show us the bunch of eagles mating.
 We waited at this No where valley where not many cars passes by.

 and got a ride with a truck driver from Sri Lanka. He said it was illegal but he saw us before and think he needed to help us anyways. The view from the trailer was the best view ever I had ever seen in my life. He dropped us at the junction to continue our hike down to the ferry point and we wanted to make sure we didnt missed that ferry so we took the buss down but too bad, the ferry was canceled.

Well, we wasted another hour enjoying some lovely harbour view. Not that bad afterall.

 We then got onto the ferry and someone offered to give us a ride to the nearest town.

We ended up in Tysfjord, 
A town known for their history of crime.

 Where we did not know there was a bad history at this place. Tysfjord. Christian told me about the history of Child sexual abuse in this commune and there were lots of crazy weird people living in that area. It was getting dark and no cars showed up. There was only a gas station and 1 mini mart opposit us and that is all. The town was so quiet that we can even hear footsteps from a far. 

 We later than knew that the ferry we took was one of the last few ferries and the only cars passing through are from the ferry. We were definitely too late  to catch any ride thinking that we might need to stay a night in spooky Tysfjord area and then a local told us about the bus that would pass through to go Bodø . 
OMG ! We were so relieved that the Bus came finally to our rescue and we got back to Bodø safe at last and spent a short night there as we set our alarm not to catch the train back the next day !

Thinking back the adventures and excitements we had been through in a peaceful country like Norway, it is just remarkable !  I couldnt express how much anxiety I faced back then and praying so hard in order to stay a night in spooky Tysfjord. 

And now, it is a testimony, a great story
to share and let others know how wonderful and 
faithful God is whenever we need him.

My faith and prayers were never as effectice as this 
before I travel. It is through all these challenges in life 
I face that has brought us through our relationship, 
our faith and journey to keep on trusting

God will make a way,
when it seem to be no way,
He works in ways ,
we can not see,
He will make a way for me.

He will be our guide, 
Hold us close into his sight,
with love and strength 
for each new day.
He will make a way,
He will make a way for all of us.

Here, to enjoy this song

Its my favourite song and lulaby to sing to my dearest love all the time.


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