Catching the Aurora in Norway, Lofoten.

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the aurora?
 Well , I did not and the first time I saw Northern Lights on the Pokemon animation,
I thought it was just some fake graphic.

Well, now, I know it's true and it really dances.
So here's a full 8 days expedition of my journey to Northern Norway, Lofoten
and it was a Birthday gift from Chirstian and God.
Starting from Oslo, we took the NSB night train all the way to Bodø .
There was a transit in Trondheim and from there, the day train to Bodø had an amazing view
as we we informed passing through the polar circle.

Instead of staying in Bodø since we stayed there before last summer,
we chose to stay in Fauske instead to explore this small town.

Fauske was indeed a small town and unfortunately we arrived on a not so sunny day.
This is an art piece by the shore of Fauske.
So, we thought, since we had time in Fauske, 
What should we do in Fauske ?
Many locals looked at us weirdly as it is not common to see tourist around Fauske
However, I was super astonished by the frozen shores with huge cracks of icebergs that I could I even step on it without falling into the cold fjord !
Apart from that, their grocery stores Spar gives away 1 day old Buns which 
was something we had never experience before in Norway.

And then, passing throught the graveyards were like the most interesting thing I ever saw in my life.

Who would ever thought such a small town in Norway,
would have pink gravestone?
Like beautiful marbeled pink grave stones!!

This is by far the most beautiful graveyard stones I ever seen in my life and
I would love to have such gravestones for my grave !

You might think they paint the stones pink but no,
Fauske is famous for pink marbles !
Norway is out of their mind importing marbles from other countries to make the Opera house in Oslo.
They should have just get these beautiful pink marble stones from Fauske instead of wasting their oil money !

The country is so rich with resources that sometimes authorities in Norway are just too blind to see it or recognize their resources. 

Fauske was some special small town that I would recommend tourist to check out instead.

Taking the Morning ferry from Bodø,
paying about 500Kr per person on the Hurtibåten
We finally arrived Svolvær around late afternoon time. 
Fortunately, in early March, the sun stays up quite long !
It sets roughly at 6pm and we surely had some time to look around Svolvær.

This town was surely bigger than Moskenes, the another part of Lofoten we came last summer.
There was even an ice bar but they were close for that season.
Anyways, Lofoten is way too nice and coming there on a lovely weather, 
It would be a waste to spend time in an indoor bar when you get fresh snow 
from your doorstep.

HOW Cold Can it be while waiting for the Aurora ?

Our first night in Svolvær was amazing !
 Even in town of Svolvær, we went out a bit of town to the edge where the factories were, and got to see a glimspe of Aurora.

 At times, it was strong and then weak and we just kept waiting for the strongest ones to appear right above us. Standing or sitting waiting in a cold winter night outdoor is not a good idea as it can be quite cold. Thats especially if you stand on ice and then you would feel your cold feet going numb slowly. I had to jump to often to warm myself up or do some runs cause I was so worried I would get forstbite. Christian laughed at me so much because the temperate at night was only minus 7 and not even windy. Worrying about getting a frostbite and wearing 7 layers is kind of impossible. 
But then, I just could not get use when my feet feels numb since I never get a numb foot even in Malaysia.

Well, it was worth the 2hours wait as we got to see the strongest Aurora that dances right above our heads that came in purplish pink form. 
And when it dances, it dances about 5mins or less than that and just goes off.
I try not to blink when I see the strong ones and sometime reach my hands out for it 
as it can look like its so close like a falling rain lights.
The next day, we decided to go Hiking !
Well, the only place safe to hike in winter is Tjeldbergtinden.
Some would say its dangerous if the weather is bad. 

Thankfully, we had the best weather ever and from Svolvær town, it takes only 5 to 10minutes walk to the starting point.
There is no signs and we just had to ask the locals about the hiking point.
One of the amazing view to pass by along the bridge is this view.
Here is also our favourite spot to watch the Aurora as it always appear behind the mountains here and it is dark enough to see a strong Aurora.

While walking along the main road, we spotted this poor car covered in snow.
Apparently, if you parked your car at the wrong place, when the snow shufllers comes, your car woud be covered in snow and it would be crazy hard to get the snow off when it freezes or piles up during the winter season. Plus, you would get a heavy fine for this. So do watch out not to park randomly by the road side during winter.

Apart from Tjeldbergtinden, half way reaching there, if you are not fit or lazy enough , you can just go to the lower peak by the communications tower within just 10minutes hike.
Well hiking in the snow without snow boots was definitely managable as they snow were compacted or not so deep. We just followed the steps that were made before and it was easy going up. If there werent much foot paths, I wouldn't dare to hike up as some parts are deep snow.

Reaching the peak of Tjelbergtinden was satifying as it would be the first snowy Mountain I ever hiked in my life during winter. It was definitely worth the view of plain beauty white and blue.
An uncommon sight for an asian being brought up in a rainforest country.
At the peak, we took a time lapse and here is some interesting shot we got that went viral in Norway !
The captain drove his ship like a formula 1 driver and we didnt espect to caught his crazy act !

We hiked down and it was later afternoon and we waited till about 7pm or 8pm hoping to get to see Aurora from the communications tower. Well, there was but the Aurora was not as strong as the ones we saw the previous day and we couldnt wait much longer as we got too hungry and tired.
The next day, we had a road trip to Hennigsvær. The scenery along the road was super gorgeous. We couldnt feel much happier to be here during the best weeks of weather in that month !

Henningsvær was unlike other parts of Lofoten by the main road. It is like an island seperated on its own with a village of fishing and also a football field which has an island of its own !

We even got to see fresh fish hanged out to be dried. We all wondered why didnt the birds come to eat off these fishes when there is no one guarding them.

Honestly, seeing the football field or being on it doesnt made me feel special untill I saw the drone picture of the football field ! And being on Hennigsvær you would just find there is so many tiny islands around that even our friend told us that on stormy days, the sea of of Henningsvær is quite majestic as you would constantly see smashing big waves on these tiny islands like a performing art waterworks. 

Finally, I got to climbed onto the Stinky fish hanging racks !

Our Next day we decided to visit the nearer town and walked from Svolvær to Kabelvåg. 
It was some km of walk but the scenery was so beautiful and I had the chance to touch the top of Tjelbergtinden.

And check out this church on the way which looks like ginger bread house.

Kablevåg reminds me of an artistic hippie town of Lofoten.  We even went for a food party after meeting a local artist staying there. Rune was super friendly and invited us ot the dinner party and we were so interested with his artpiece around Lofoten known as the 

There is a phonebook that is a mini library in the middle of the town and the cafe interior

Praestengbrygga and hidden Japanese restuarant called Miyako AS

We walked through the hippie towns of Kabelvåg and then through a small pathway to Storvågan.
This place was unlike the other towns. It was just nature and a hotel where Christian stayed last time he was here. There is also an Aquarium there but it was closed. This part, Storvågan, was so peaceful .
 That night, we went back to our place, ate early whale meat dinner we bought at the store for only 80Kr ! and this time, the whale meat was tender, juicy and tasty.

Served with Benaise sauce and some herbs spices.

That night, we went out and took tried to take some Northern Light time lapse !
It was succesful for our first time lapse of the Aurora !

Here below is the video of the Aurora time lapse

After so many nights finding the perfect spot and analyzing the Aurora time, direction and research
I realized there is so much people or tourist dont know out there about the Aurora facts so
here's another topic I wrote to help those interested in knowing 

And another chilling day with such lovely weather, we went fishing  at this scenic spot.
Its at Svinøya and best fish during the afternoon before the fishermen are back with their huge ships!
I caught a huge fish and we didnt have a freezer so that night we left the bag of fish in the burried snow ! How convenient winter is isnt it  !
We also decided to gave a try to go up Kongstinden and followed Google maps since there was no locals along the way to give directions.

The start of the hike was quite steep but not much deep snow and it got us to this lovely angle view of Svolvær. We were fortunate to be there on a good weather as the snow can be icy during non sunny days. A part of Kongstiden peak was just icy and slippery so we stopped hiking to the top and came back down sliding down the powdered snow. 
That part of Kongstiden has a crazy amount of slalom and downhil skis track marks .
On our second last day, we took a hiking tour with LOFOTEN AKTIV AS
Follow their 

First time wearing Snow Boots tracking in Deep snow was sure fun ! 
I ran everywhere in the deep snow area not worrying I would fall in it ! 
And you would see crazy amount of beautiful photos of Lofoten as they organized so many interesting tours in Norway.

Our guide for the snow boots hike was Kristian and his mum was originally from Greenland. 
He knew so much history and legendary stories about the Mountains in Lofoten where I had never heard of for example the Vågan  Moutain behind me 

Can you spot the face of the grump frowning man in this Mountain. It only shows during winter and spring.
Our last night in Lofoten was amazing !
We made steamed tom yam fish with the huge fish we caught and it was sooooo yummy!
It was my Birthday and we managed to borrowed a friend the sparking scooter
(its like a scooter of long skates )
We saw the sun set at Svinøya harbour , got shocked by the loud horn when Hurtigruten cruise ship pass through and was disappointed as we waited for the Aurora but it didnt appear.
But as we were about to leave, like 1km away from this particular spot we want to take photo so much.
The Northern Light suddenly came towards more our direction and we sparked like crazy. 
It was tiring to get to this spot and finally, we got this perfect shot of us.
Tired and breathless.
Amazing the beauty of the Aurora lights dancing right above us 
as we froze like manequins for 10seconds for this perfect blur free shot.

This picture is my favourite shot.

It signifies Lofoten with the hanging fish racks and Mountain behind us.
The sparking is also very traditional Norwegian. 
And the mix race couple us, representing our international the world and love has
no distance, boudaries and skin colours.

It has a story behind where just like in life,
Your hope is all gone, 
and then the lights appear with so much miracle than shines in front of you
Your Hope and goal is finally achieve.

I can finally Rest in Peace but
well, life doesnt work this way because 
there are more miracles awaiting to happen,

And indeed, our next day going back to Bodø was a dissaster.

Read on our next adventure where we had no choice but to
Click this link to read on next (for the first time ever)

The Journey did not end after finally seeing the Aurora.
To be continued....
Stay Tuned.


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