Minimalistic Beauty skincare routine with Hygee Review


Last month, I had been on a project with Hygee , 
a skincare brand from Korea 
instilling a new concept of skincare call Beauty Minimalism.

When I was first informed of this project, I find it quite interesting as their product range
is not as many as others out there.
So, i decided to give it a try for several weeks just using their products.

In a full package, I received their
 Hygee Cleansing Water ( which works amazing for makeup removing)
Hygee hydrating mist (100ml) (-citrus smell)
Hygee Essence ( a mixture of water and oil )
Hygee foam cleanser 

Here's how their Foam Cleanser looks like
The quality of packaging sure feels tough and their foaming cleanser is one of my favourite cleanser so far.
I realized majority og Hygee skincare products 
have a strong citrus or grapefruit smell
and to be honest, the cleanser feels a bit more on a acidic side but it leaves my skin squeky clean after.

During the project period, I only basically use these 2 products  which is their cleanser and essence. Do remember to shake the essence well before using it. 

At first, I felt like something was missing, like I haven't use enough.
But after awhile , i felt that I have so much more time in skincare and I need not to have so many creams anymore !

1st week results : Not so effective, white heads and blackheads were still there.
2nd week results : A reduce amount of whiteheads , blackheads and also lighten scars.
After 3 weeks of just using their products, I find most of my whiteheads, blackheads and pimple scars were much less and not so obvious anymore.
And my huge pores shrink as well. 

I totally recommend this for those with dry skin especially as I find their essence very hydrating and I only need to use a little bit of it morning and night. This essence would surely last very long for me.

Well, I hope my review of Hygee would give you and idea on how Hygee products are like
and their concept of beauty minimalism.
It's true nowadays skincare companies are producing too many products and we use 
all sorts of chemicals on our skin and reducing the amount
of chemicals is the right way of balancing out skin back to it's original nature self.


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