Swiss Vita Acne Solution Review on Pimple and oily combination skin.

Hi ya all !

Do you have pimples, acne or oily and combination skin ?
Honestly, comparing acne to spots, I think it's much worst and this skin problem is the main cause
in causing so much low self esteem people out there.

Even if looks weren't important, the feeling of pain from the big acne is just distracting our daily routines. For example, even playing badminton could be a dangerous act if let's say your partner accidently hits the racquet onto your face. There, your acne would burst and bleed on your face.

I had the problem with acne, pimples, white heads, black heads and oily combination skin since I was 16 and it never really recover much.
Now, my pimples and whiteheads doesn't appear much on my Tzone area but instead, 
my mouth and chin zone.

But then, I found a solution to prevent the small pimples or whitehead to become a huge acne with 
this new skincare from Taiwan !
known as SWISSVITA !
which has been 
Awarded Yahoo Top 10 Cosmeceutical Awards 2014 !

It's the Swiss Vita Acne Solution Serum ~!!
And it comes in 50g which is quite a lot for an Acne Serum.
Here's a picture of my acne on my face few weeks ago,
 you can see in the picture that the swell and redness above has disappeared.
I was super excited to try out Swiss Vita products because this product gives me an impression where they use good quality ingrediants and had done lots of research to combat all kinds of skin. 
Their products looks very proffesional and looks like a doctor precripted product. 
And after just 1 week of trying their Swiss Vita Acne Solution,
I was so glad that it worked so well on my acne and pimples.
The gel smells like tree tree and it leaves my pimples a cooling sensation.

Apart from the Swiss Vita Acne Serum, I also got their Cleanser Cream !
It's 100g and just a small pinch, I foam it and uses it to wash my skin sometimes even with makeup on. I find their cream cleanser not oily at and not very foamy. 
I believe it's very important to clean the skin super well, so usually
I would try to check if the makeup is wash off throroughly after using this.

I would recommend to use Makeup remover first before using this cleanser or try use this cleanser and foam in on a facial brush instead of washing with just hands for  thorough cleansing.
What I like about it is that it still keeps my skin hydrated after cleansing.

Now, I also got their Swiss Vita Acne Toner which looks very white like this.
Bare in mind, you have to shake it before using it in order to look white like this. 
I find this Toner super effective in drying up parts of the oily areas in my skin.
It feels like it's a nice product for controlling the oil.
Since my skin is Oily and combination, 
I try to use this toner only on the parts of my skin which is oily and not use too much for it.
It would work perfectly for those with very oily or oily skin as I find 
this product helpful in controlling the oil secretion on my skin.

Do not, I also have a burst pimple and then I soak the cotton swab with the acne toner and then placed it on the bursted pimple. The pimple totally did not grow again and just shrink in size as it dries it up.

I really like and love the products of Swiss Vita Acne Solution Set and find them super effective and worth the purchase. However, since I have oily and combination skin, usually I would put extra moisturizer cream which is not oily but hydrating on my skin or place an aloe vera gel to soothe
and trap the moisture in my skin.

Not to forget, I got 2 freebies along when receiving this set of Swiss Vita Acne Set ! 
Plus, you would be super happy to see how beautiful the packaging of this product comes. 
So , I made a video fo Opening the packaging from Swiss Vita Acne Set, and here's how they look like upon arrival !

I was so happy to receive those 2 diary and daily planner mini memo book cause I wanted a small memo daily planner awhile ! I can bring it everywhere and check on my upcoming plans and schedules often !

Here are the lists of their new product series called Swissvita Acne Solution
1. Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner 
2. Swissvita Acne Solution Serum
3. Swissvita Cleanser Cream

So Where to purchase Swiss Vita Poducts ?

For latest offer and Promotion

 but also 
they sell their products on Lazada, in case you just want to use some of the Lazada vouchers for further discounts !
Here's a shortcut link 

I hope this review was useful for you guys ! 
Healthy Skin, Happy me ! 



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