My experience and Review of Transferwise

Tranfesring big sum to Overseas? 
Hate the services of the bank cause they lack of transparency?

Here's an alternative choice other than bank transfer or  bank drafts.

Recently, we needed to make a big transfer from overseas and found out that our bank did not provided a direct transfer to another country. So instead, I headed to Facebook for some advice and low and behold one dude recommend Transferwise where others recommended a triple currency exchange or even smuggling Dollars!

So well, thanks to Transferwise, we totally did not have to smuggle Dollars or worry and not know what's the real exchange rate done by the bank.

Apparently, Transferwise is too good to be True 
it exchanges according or exactly the market rate
and the fee taken for amount transfer out less than
a fee of 3 USD is being charged like10% fee 

So, its not that worth if you transfer very little amount based on the higher fee 
but you might gain more from the accurate market exchage rate they gave you.
As Banks gives a not so accurate market exchange rate and their is where the rest of 
$$ goes into the pocket, which is 5x more than the tiny winie transfer fee.

If you are like me, a person that prefers the Taxi to follow the meter,
prefering the BANKs to be honest and transparent, 
which most aren't.

So, why not give Tranferwise a try because we tried by testing out
smaller amount,
and it worked.

So finally, we did the big sum and Thankfully, the exchange rate was super strong
and we gained much more compared to previous years of sucky rates !

When the transaction is being in process, you can even choose
 the receipent to sent the email to and he or she
would recieve an email notification of exactly HOW much $$
would be credited to their account in 3 days time. 
Not more or less.

Here's an example of the email I got !

which even stated I got RM36 more than Bank transfer.

which really went into my account
and we were so relieved that this was a legit company.

So if you are wondering how legit it is.
Well, I guess we do trust Transferwise very much for now
and If you are worried as well,
just do like how we did first, just transfer the max amount 
for the 3dollar fee and give it a try before doing it one lump sum in a go ! 

Indeed , I love this trasparency  of Transferwise and would
totally recommend this brilliant service to  those out there !

Much better than the old fashion way Western Union ! 
Cheers to the New world where moeny exchange rates
in this world becomes more transparent and fair.

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reviews in my life !!



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