Shurah New Skin Care series with smashing new design !

OMG ! @shurahmalaysia just came up with new packaging of their skin care range of whitening products ! I love this new pinky cute range and this day cream is strongly recommended as it includes not only moisturises but also prevent UV rays from damaging your skin ! What's best about Shurah is that it's afforadable and certified HALAL ~ Follow @shurahmalaysia for their latest promotions and updates. #shurahmy #shurahmalaysia
So babes, here are some Info about Shurah latest product !

This NEW Shurah Light Network is a complete set contains facial cleansers, lotions, refreshing moisturizers, day cream creams which comes in UV protection as well as night creams that brightens and moisturizes the skin.

So What is Clear White and Shiny Glow?
Clear White: Able to reduce melanin production for 24 hours and whiten skin within 7 days.

Shiny Glow: Made from natural ingredients of turmeric root extract that gives a sunny skin effect
Enlightens and has anti-tyrosinase effect.

The new product range of Shurah Pencerah consists of

Shurah Cleanser Cleanser (50ml, 100ml)
Formulated to cleanse excess dirt and oil without reducing the natural moisture of the skin. The skin will be cleaner, gentle and radiant.

How to use it ?
Draw a little facial cleanser on the palm of your hand. Mix with water and scrub until foam, then massage gently on the face so that all the dirt is gone. Rinse with clean water. For a better effect, use Shurah Refreshing Toner.

Price 50ml RM7.31, 100ml RM12.61

Shurah Refreshing Toner (120ml)

Specially formulated without alcohol to deeply cleanse skin while enlivening and shrinking facial pores without removing skin moisture.
Refresh your skin every time after cleaning your face in preparation for receiving the next product.

How to use it?
Make sure to refresh the dry cotton and apply it all over the face and neck to clean excess dirt. Your face will feel moist and fresh.

Price of RM10.49

Shurah Moisturizer (120ml)
Formulated with a light, non-greasy texture, this face moisturizer can restore moisture and brighten your skin. Also contains UV Protectors to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The skin will become even damp, fluffy and radiant.

How to use it ?
Apply moisturizer to the refreshing face with Shurah Pencerah Freshener. Massage slowly on the whole face and neck.

Price RM11.55

Shurah Day Cream (40g)
This non-sticky facial creams can brighten and moisturize your skin to make it even radiant and radiant. With SPF30 formula, it can protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Method of use
Apply cream on face and neck. May be used during the day to preserve and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Use after Shurah Serum Brightener.

Price RM16.85

Shurah Night Cream Brightening (40g)
Facial creams that are specially formulated to stimulate the process of skin enlightenment while you sleep more intensively. At night, our skin is easier to accept the nutrients and vitamins needed to repair the damage experienced during the day. It is absorbed into the skin quickly to nourish your skin to be softer, moist and radiant.

Method of use
Apply creams on face and neck after refreshing with Shurah Refreshing Refresher at night to treat and brighten your skin while sleeping.

Price RM16.85

Shurah Lotion and Body Lotion (140ml and 400ml)
This non-greasy hand and body lotion is formulated with UV Shields to moisturize and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It can quickly be absorbed into your quench to brighten the skin with a quick and effective effect. Always use for gentle and sunny skin evenly.

Method of use
Apply lotions on hands and body especially after bathing.
Price 140ml RM6.04, 400ml RM11.98

For more information about Shurah products and the Shurah Pencerah network, you can visit:
Facebook Shurah Malaysia:

And follow the hashtag #shurahmy #shurahpencerah

For online purchases:

Finally, Here is a video of me unboxing the set of Shurah new skin care range. 

My verdict for Shurah skincare range.
Price : Super afordable 
Unique point : 100% HALAL Certified ! 
Packaging : Adorable and sweet
Scent : Sweet and light
My favourite product: Day Cream which contains SPF30
It's light and not thick creamy texture.

So if you are looking for an afordable , Halal skin care range,
Shurah products can definitely we considered and
I do think we Malaysians do need to support our 
local made products afterall.

Smile and eating healthy
gives a healthy skin !



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