How to get personalized gifts ideas for any special occasions.

 I am always frustrated when Christmas is coming or his birthday is coming and all the other occasions where I need to think of ideas of gifts for others. Why ? That is because I like to get my love ones personalized gifts made specially for them. A cook book ?  A toy is something boring and I feel those kinds of gifts doesn't potray my sincerity at all. And then , going out shopping for gifts right after work is just so troublesome.

Apart from making my own ugly DIY gifts, I thought why not get something unique, creative which would be done by proffesionals instead .
 Well, so  I googled where to get Personalized gifts in Malaysia or Klang Valley without leaving home or from online and found this cool site  ! – Precious Gifts From Your Heart
Well, I know that most would personalized gifts store common gifts are jigsaw puzzles and keychains but this website has more surprising personalized gifts compared to others ! 
What caught my eye was the baby romper, phone cases, tote bag, caps , mousepads ,magic mugs and more !!! Our cousin just had a new baby in Norway and next year another of our besties are getting a baby and a personalize baby romper would be perfect gift for them ! What a genius gift !! That personalized baby romper outfit would totally mean so much for them since it's specially made for their baby. 

Go browse through their product categories and believe me, you would be so tempted to even get some personalize items for yourself ! It's like being your own designer and being so proud of it.

Well, so my pick of gift was the Magic mug ! 
I know it has been in the Trend for sometime and I was in Northern Norway last winter and
saw them selling the magic mug with Northern lights appearing for like 50USD each !
So, thanks to Printcious , I can have my own Magic mug with the Northern lights appearing
with Me and Christian in it for only RM39.90 !

When it comes to the customization box, I was super impressed that they can just get photos which are loaded on your Facebook or Instagram !
Well, you sure can get your customization done anywhere even without your personal laptop thanks to cloud storage and Printcious smart customization tool.

Apart from that, I can choose to customize the Background colour and add in additional text ! 
You totally save the trouble of reediting on photoshop. 
 Finally, the customization results and clear explanations on how it would look like as well as the choice of colour changes on the magic mug. 

A there, the Northern lights Magic Mug which cost only RM39.90 with me in the picture !

This is surely a bargain since I really wanted this after my 

I can't wait for my product arrival and I will surely keep 
you update when I receive their products !

And so here if you are looking for personalized gifts, ideas for him or her, wedding gifts , baby party and more special occasion gifts, 

Check out Printcious
and their Facebook for upcoming promotions.



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