Brand's Innershine Marine Collegen Jelly Review

BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip 

Recently I was invited to Brand's factory and we were introduced to the Brand's Innershine Marine Collagen Essence Strip. There was a presentation on how collagen works as most of us assume it as an effective ingrediant to restore our skin and just for beauty purposes.
However, we were taught that it's not only for women but also for men as collagen works as  main part in our human body mechanism.

I was very impressed how different the packaging looks like as It seems more like a folder of collagen instead of powder or bottled formed. Totally, it Nourishes your skin anytime, anywhere on

This packaging makes it easer to open easily and have it anytime and at anywhere without taking up so much space. Plus, I believe the cost of packaging is lower therefore, we get more out of purchasing it !

The best thing about what I like it in a Jelly strip is that you can eat it so conveniently 
without worrying of spilling or making it. 
Its packed to fit any active and urban lifestyle where I am always on the go.
It's not only Compact and light, and only 12 Kcal per strip !
Plus, there is a total of 14 strips per box. 

So Why should you buy Innershine Marine Collagen Jelly?
It is different from other Collagen as it's marine collagen extracted from seaweed whic supports youthful and healthy skin. The micro marine collagen to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity and skin health.

Here are the Nutrition Information of Brand's Innershine Marine Collagen Jelly
Each strip contains Marine Fish Collagen 1,000mg, Vitamin E 3IU, Vitamin B3 4mg
1. Hydrolyzed deep sea fish-derived collagen: Collagen is responsible for the structural support and elasticity of the skin. The collagen used is derived from deep sea fish, with a low molecular weight of 3,000 dalton to aid in faster absorption.
2. Vitamin E: An indispensable antioxidant for skin health, it protects the skin from photo aging effects, the prolonged or excessive UV radiation that accelerates the formation of wrinkles and age spots.
3. Niacinamide (A form of Vitamin B3): It supports the health of the skin tissues by providing our cells with the energy necessary for growth and repair.

Safety and Technology
Through the application of enzymatic hydrolysis technology, a process that breaks down the complex  structures of collagen to release inherent peptides, the collagen peptides found in InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip possess a low molecular weight of only 3,000 Dalton in average. At such a size, collagen is more readily digested by the body to trigger the release of the essential building blocks for new collagen fibers in skin, in turn optimizing its efficacy in improving skin health. The process also helps to improve the palatability of InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip.

WHERE IS IS Manufactured ?
InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip is manufactured in Japan in compliance with the Food Sanitation Act.

How often Should you Eat Innershine Marine Collagen Jelly?
It is recommended that adults consume two InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strips daily, preferably once in the morning with your daytime skincare regimen and once more in the evening with your nighttime skincare regimen.

Packaging and Ingredients

This Marine Collagen also consist of Natural Kyoto Grape Taste and the colour of the jelly is similar to grape skin colour. The texture and consistency is in between a konyaku and agar agar. 
It feels flimsy but doesnt break that easily.

My honest Review

I must say I love the packaging and how easy it is tearing off the strip as well as pressing the jelly out.
Most jelly would dispense off some syrup or liquid but this does not.
The flavour of Kyoho grape is pretty strong however there is still a tiny tinge of marine or sea taste afer consuming it. It is definitly suitable to ge graded as a dessert since it taste quite food.
I like how slim and convenient to bring it along and plus, it;s light.

I must say this Collagen strip is much easier to bring on the go comparing to Innershine Collagen glass drinks.

As for the effectiveness, I believe consuming this in the long run would definitely show some difference.
10 pieces would not be enough to show a big difference.

BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip 14x 10g strips is sold in the market around RM78.
However, there is a cheaper option to purchase directly from the factory through Potboy without a delivery fee if you are in Klang Valley area.
Where to buy?
Available also at Watsons stores 
Currently only available in Asia.
For overseas readers you may enquire at Brands (USA) from here
For others, you may visit Brand's, click on the respective country (at top right)and find out more from there



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