Lazior Mayterlynn Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Grain Review

Lazior MayterLynn Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Grain Review

Hey guys !
LaZior has finally launched this new product launch in 27 September 2017 !

An Introduction about Lazior MayterLynn

MayterLynn is A Cereal Drink for Beauty and Health ! As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal daily and this is because our body needs more energy to carry out daily activities. Nevertheless, not all of us has taken breakfast because they have to go to work early enough to avoid traffic congestion. So, as an alternative, cereals are very suitable for those whom are health concious or busy with their daily lifes and have no time for meals.

Here's a little bit about the importance of taking cereals in our daily lives. FYI, grains should be taken about 1/3 daily. Fiber and nutrients found in cereals can provide the nutrients needed by the human body as well as to prevent obesity, diabetes, and so on. Therefore MayterLynn has combined various of nutrients as a cereal for health and beauty. 

MayterLynn can be taken by all groups of children from 1 year olds to senior citizens. So do not worry. (Nevertheless, do consult your doctor first before practicing MayterLynn if you have chronic illness)

Provides nutrients needed by the body
Reduces the risk of stroke
Reduce the risk of diabetes
Reduce the risk of heart attack
Maintain healthy and ideal weight
Reduces the risk of asthma attacks
Maintain heart health
Reduce the risk of inflammatory disease
Reduce the risk of colon cancer (colon)
Promotes blood pressure at a healthy level
Reduces gum disease and prevent tooth loss
Relieve constipation
Rich with fiber and feeling full of prolongation
Maintaining a balance in blood sugar and preventing blood sugar rise dramatically.

In addition, MayterLynn can also relieve menopausal symptoms. Among them are stabilizing emotions, overcoming depression and insomnia, excessive sweating, can relieve muscle aches, and maintain bone health as well as prevention of vaginal infections.

Sounds too good to be true? 
Well, let the ingredients of Mayterlynn be an evidence. There are about 20 types of ingredients used to produce this health drink. Among them are purple sweet potato powder, brown rice, black sesame, oat bran, oatmeal, black glutinous rice, black beans, red beans, green beans, soya beans, black beans, barley rice, wheat, sorghum, buckwheat, soluble, inulin, apple fiber, linseed oil powder and stevia extract.

The main ingredients found in MayterLynn known as purple sweet potatoes which are rich in various nutrients namely Anthocyanin, Amino Acid, Cellulose, Iron Element, and Selenium.

MayterLynn is also rich in OMEGA-3 that helps protect cell membranes and eye retina, preventing and relieving dry eyes, protecting the liver, reducing cholesterol, reducing clogged blood vessels and atheroclerosis risk, slowing the proliferation of prostate cancer cells, help the brain for intellectual development, activate the brain and help the growth of brain cell growth well, prevent inflammation and reduce allergies.

All nutrients in MayterLynn are also indispensable for pregnant women. Pregnant women should be balanced in nutrient intake as they are the key to healthy growth and development of the fetus. Since early pregnancy, mothers need to take into account balanced nutrition such as protein, mineral, DHA, calcium, iron and zinc that can provide the necessary fetal development and nutrient development as well as preparing for a child born and breastfeeding .

What is important, MayterLynn is safe to drink, ingredients are all natural, no coloring, no preservatives and no sugar.

LaZior Mayterlynn comes in a really nice packaging where it comes with a sack cover. I really like their creative way of packaging it making it looking very organic.

It's 500g and lasts me for a month since I only drink it for my breakfast. 

You just take 2 tablespoons of MayterLynn. 
Then pour 200ml of hot water or warm into the cup 
And Now you are ready to Drink and enjoy your all in one nutrients drink to go through your day !

My first opinion on Mayterlynn's taste is that is does not have a strong purple sweet potato flavour. The oat brans and various cereal, wheat, soy and nutty flavour mix gives it more of an brown rice flavour. 
It is not as sweet as I expected and does a great job in holding my morning hunger especially driving in the early morning. By stirring this drink, do not expect it to be smooth like a water drink. You will still be able to feel the bits of cereals and oats in this drink which is what I like about Mayterlynn. 

Well, if you are interested in trying MayterLynn check out the LaZior homepage for more information.

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