My Top 6 favourite Places to visit and do in Johor

Neighbouring Singapore, Johor is one of the most convenient place where one can travel within a day from Singapore. Yet, the nearest state of Johor is also only 2 hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Thankfully, I was invited by the tourism of Johor to have a round tour of some unique attractions in Johor. 

Throughout this tour, I have personally came out and chose some places which are the ones I would strongly recommend them you all. Honestly, I have never ever explored Johor before eventhough I am a Malaysian. The first time we went was my favourite place of all.

1# The Kampung Sungai Melayu

A true hidden gem, Kampong Sungai Melayu is a true hidden gem located nearby Singapore and Johor Bahru where it is a small village built around a mangrove swamp and river. Among the activities they offer are mangroove swamp tour on a boat, crab catching, fishing, mussels farm visiting, handicraft making, overnight fishing and staying on a floating house on the river.

While we were on the boat touring the mangroove swamps area, we even spotted a stork. It was huge and just resting on tree branch. The river breeze was very relaxing and apart from the mangroove swamp view, we even get to see the new skyscappers of Bandar Iskandar.

We also got to visit the mussles farm where I got to even taste fresh mussels  !
The view of Bandar Iskandar is just right behind this mussles farm area. 
Well, now I know how they farm Mussels here in Malaysia ! The fresh ones were really juicy and sweet ! 

Kampong Sungai Melayu also offers overnight stay on this floating house on the river whereby you will be surrounded by mangroove swamps and having the liberty and time to fish as much as you want ! 
Unfortunately we did not succeeded in catching any crabs but at least I ate a fresh mussel and saw a stork .
Next, Another place i would strongly recommend is definitely the LEGOLAND !

2# Legoland
Legoland is a very known around the world especially their lego blocks. Every child would know Lego blocks as these blocks stimulates kids creativity and gives them the freedom to create shapes they have in their imagination world. I must say I did not have much time in Legoland but their mini lego world has been one of my bucketlist for awhile and finally , I have ticked it !! So much joy on my face with full of amazement as a stepped into Legoland mini world. 

Who would have ever thought tiny legos would be able to assemble into such a huge beauty architectures which are real in this world such as this temple in Thailand.

Starwars fan would surely love to step into Starwars zone in Legoland. Prepare to be amazed as you woudl not just see a figure structure out of lego but more like a stage with lightings, sounds, moving lego figures.

However, I did not have enough time to explore more on the rides and games available. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you guys to plan just 1 full day in Legoland because there is so much to just see, take pictures, boomerang and play the rides available.
                                     MORE INFO About Lego land here on their website ! 

Desaru Fruit Farm is not far from Singapore and occopies 100acres of land with plantations all over and won the Johor Tourism Award 2009 of Best Agro Tourism. 
So What's there to do in Desaru, Desaru Fruit Farm. 
There is so much to do for a whole day here on Desaru Fruit Farm such as Petting Zoo (Rm25-Adult entry , Rm20-Kids), Fruit Farm visiting,Dirt Kart (Rm30 5 laps) , Paintball war game (Rm65-pax 150Pallets). The also offers a variety of Packages  visiting their farm from RM27 onwards which includes lunch box and fruit platter.
What I like most about their Farm is the way they show us around and informing us educating us about the gender of fruits which I have no idea about. It was definitely very educational for adults and kids. Apart from that, we got to try their speciality dishes with a blending of different fruits. One of my favourite dish was deep fried squid with dragon fruit dip sauce. 
Well not long after that I got to try out to even drive my own Golf Kart at ELS club Desaru coast ! It was definitely a nice experience and much easier than driving a car. 

Another Highlight of this trip is one of the best Stay in Johor !!
The New Amari Hotel which is located in the centre of Johor Bahru ~

This 5 star hotel will amaze you with how much comfort it offers. 
 I had the best sleep ever thanks to their super comfy new bed !
 I totally recommend this hotel as it somehow sometimes feels like an art muzium as the interor deco of this hotel has a mix of modern and tradtional.
And here, their grandballroom. The chandelier is one of a kind.

Not to forget a happy selfie face before I dip into the shower room.

Last but not least, their breakfast buffet is way to generous !
I had a morning feast of my life feeling like a million bucks ! 

 The variety of breakfast is so generous as I was able to have Indian, Malay, Chinese , Vegetarain and Western food all in the same time ! And the way they display their food is just unbelievable. 
 Don't you think so?

4# Kluang Coffee Cap Televisyen Factory visiting 

Another place for coffee lovers to check out is the process of making coffee ! 
I must say this is the first time visiting a coffee factory and being told that we Malaysia have our own coffee called the Liberica.
The process of making coffee was surely not easy as I see how to workers shuffle those hot burning smoking roasted coffee. It sure was hot and needs lot of muscles for this kind of job.
We even get to see the labelling machines that are used to pack the ready grinded coffee powders.
Factory visiting like this is definitely very educational for kids to know how coffee is made and where does it come from. 
Here's my UK FARM experience and Review
Located in Johor, Kluang, apart from trying their coffee, you must try their Goat's milk and Goat's yoghurt ! We personally met their founder and he explained on how his farm was named UK. Apparently, he hadn't came up with a brand logo before applying for his farm into a company. The lady whom designed the logo at the government office drew a goat like a dog and he insisted no . So, to make the story short, that office lady got lazy and just decide to use his name in shot form manner as his brand Logo. UK is named after the founder, Mr Un Keng. Now, there my curiousity is finally fulfilled.

Do you know that most sheep/goat farm owners in Malaysia struggle to keep their farm business running as it is not easy to care for a goat.
 Currently, UK farm has 4000over sheeps in their farm and their main income is from selling these sheeps/ goat milk as well as their meat.

Visitors can feed the goats,sheeps and baby lamb with milk. 
Apart from selling their Goats Milk Products , they also launched the UK Agro Resort, embarked on manufacturing passion fruit products.

Plus, their Farm now promotes accomodation and educational activities for both kids and adults. Upon entering the UK Farm area, I was stoked by the vast land of green pasture. It made me felt I suddently went into another country.
However, no personal vehicles are allowed to roam in their farm zone so you can either choose the bus pass 
or Horse carriage ride !
which is worth the fun ~
Apart from ostrich feeding, chicken and duck feeding, there is also aboriginal performance where this fella here will dance and shoot a baloon which is placed up high on tree with his blowing darts. 

My One Night stay on UK Farm was very comfortable.
I must say UK Farm provides also big spacious chalet where it can accomodate 4 people since their chalet is quite spacious. It's also perfect for school trips as they not only provide dormitory but also tents. Plus, there are also other more interesting activities packages groups as pick to do apart from just farm visiting. For instant, goat catching or curry puff making class is also available.

More information on UK Farm at 

6# Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Oh dear Hello Kitty fans and lovers, 10min drive from Legoland, at Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Puteri Johor, is Hello Kitty Town or also known as Thomas Town ! This iconic Kitty themepark has total 6 sessions where kids can roam around and partake in various craft making activities. It's only a 20min drive from the Malaysia-Singapore second link and 25min away from Senai Airport.Plus, Puteri Harbour is also accessible from Indonesia via 90min ferry ride from Tanjung Balik and 2 hour ferry ride from Batam ! 

To be Honest, Hello Kitty town is only one floor their Hello Kitty Performance is surely a nice performance for kids and those whom are a fan of Hello Kitty. However, there wouldnt be much adult amusement entertainment here as most of the rides are very kids friendly and less on the adrenaline rush side. Whereas, Thomas town has much more boys and amusement rides that are much more fun instead of cute. I do think this place would be perfect for young kids from infants to 10 years old. Surely not the perfect place for teenagers. 
One of the highlight rides in Hello Kitty town is this adorable cup ride.

Operating hours: Daily 10am-6pm !
Tickets can be purchased at

So from Amusement parks to Farms, Sheeps and
 Nature Mangroove tours

Another place we stayed over was at the Desaru Tunamaya Beach Resort. 
It was definitely relaxing to spend a night by the beach, walking on the sand and sitting on the swing enjoyed the sunset view. 

Another Highlight of our stay was at Kampung Tualang 3,Tanjung Gemuk, Villa Castalia 2 where we were served yummylicious crab and traditional malay food.
Apart from that, they also have a horseshoe crab and lobster farm nearby ! 

I Like it how we had our lunch right beneath the house. The perfect place for a nice shade and they even took effort to place such nice traditional stitched cloth as the ceiling.

 Their Homestay room is even decorated like a traditional malay wedding style!
Same goes to the way they serve tea on the floor and also food can be cooked in the tradtional way with firewood.

 This homestay has so much of the traditional malay concept in it which is perfect for those whom has not heard about it yet and would like to experience it. Well, it could also educated the young modern malay children nowadays to know their roots and traditions if they haven't been in Malaysia for sometime.
 If you are interested to rent this Homestay here's the contact
Sultanul Mizan 019 705 7077
Bottom line, Thanks to Tourism Johor for this opportunity to explore Johor and I had a nice time knowing some other bloggers as well as
 Getting to see various places such as ELS Golf club, drove a golf kart, learning how to play golf
 Feeding goats, baby lamb, watching aboriginal dance, setting up lanterns in the sky,
 Stopping over for a refreshing dragon fruit juice drink
 And of course our final stay at UK Farm Agro Resort whereby we all enjoyed most at !

It has been a tiring 4 days yet it was meaningful as I finally can say that,
I have seen quite a few parts of Johor, Malaysia.

Thanks for reading and 
hope these areas I have been to would be nice recommendation and idea for you
and your love ones to explore together in Malaysia.



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