Neubodi Bra and Camisole review

Hey Ladies, recently I went to Neubodi shop and got a special treatment to get a perfect fit bra and some advices on which sizes I should get. The Neubodi store is located near Encorp Strand mall and it was quite easy to find a parking space since the mall is just nearby. I was informed that the lady that would help me fit the perfect bra could find the perfect bra size without looking at my breast but just touching my rib bones itself. It was an astonishing surprise as she came suggesting the perfect size and design for me. 

Neubodi in Kota Damansara has a spacious fitting room and the ambience of the fitting room feels quite cozy.
I was informed that apparently all Neubodi staffs are trained for months to know this fitting method for their customers since they have 300over bra sizes. Therefore it is important for their employees to know the perfect size for their customers. 

So here, she fitted me in this beautiful beige rose bra with nice lace design and flower petal sides which is super unique !  It's also my first time wearing a 4 hook bra. She chose this specially for me and states that most of my fatty tissues are wide spreaded overall and from just pushing those fatty tissues forward. Indeed I saw how voluptous I became in an instant. 

The support from this bra also feels like it straightens my posture. 
However, I must say since my fatty tissues are widely spreaded, it can be a bit uncomfortable for a starter like me since I always wear strapless.

I was quite impressed with their advice on how I am capable of becoming more voluptuous through their bra support. They adviced me to wear the bra constantly for few weeks to see the difference. 

It's been a week now since I had been wearing Neubodi Bra and I do feel a bit difference in my body posture looking forward to increase my cup size through their bra.
Indeed a good bra would shape the breast well and it would give me a better confidence in my breast size. Neubodi bra feels like an investment for bra shaping would would benefit one in the long run. Afterall, our breast needs that one good bra to give us the perfect support and shape. 

Lasty, I must say the Neubodi camisole was extremely soft and comfortable. Most of the time the camisoles out there are quite thin and feels like the threads and stitches would come off easily. Well, I like the material very much and think it's quite nice to even wear it out! 

It comes in a plastic zipper bag which placed in all the information on how to handle the camisole with care. 

If you are curious on how Neubodi products are, why not just head to their stores and outlets to experience how their employees would serve you with proffesionalism. I am super satisfied with their service as they educate me more about my breast size and open my eyes on their bra would help shaping my breast to the perfect size in the long run !

Ps. There is a technique in Hanging your bras to prolong the life of your bra ~

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