Neubodi Bra Drive 2017 is back in town !

From the 5th Ocotber to 5th November 2017, Neubodi is back with their " DONATE. SUPPORT. RECYCLE" programme known as The Neaubodi Bra Drive !
This event is to raise funds for Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia’s 
“Hospital Angels”  and to donate to those in need from part of this world.

Have you heard about Neubodi ?
 Neubodi is a leading Malaysian lingerie specialist brand established in 2008. They have 10 retails outlets nationwide and all shops carry over 600 sizes including well designed plus size bras for women. More information at
The Neubodi Bra Drive is held over a month and Bra banks will be located in all their stores. They will donate gently-used items to victims of sex trafficking, enabling their rehabilitation into society as they earn a livelihood selling second-hand bras. Beneficiaries of the “DONATE” initiative are communities in Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Africa as Bra is one of their essential items for these ladies in providing them comfort and self-esteem.

Life Line Clothing. their strategic partner will be collecting and segregating bras not suited for donation They will use proprietary technology to convert raw materials of bras into reusable solid fuel commonly used to power industrial boilers and generators. 

Here's an easy diagram to explain the process on how Neubodi Bra Drive Works !

This is Malaysia's first “RECYCLE” activity of its kind. 

As I interviewed Ms Anne Tan , Director and Founder of Neubodi Holdings Sdn.Bhd. She emphasizes that the partnership between Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) and Neubodi aims to increase public awareness that breast cancer is ‘gender blind’
Ms Anne also explained to us media on her experience travelling to Nepal witnessing how those women went excited over the free bras donated to them on her last visit.
Dr. Tan Gie Hooi also explained the importance of self-examination and early detection of breast cancer . 
“While we continue to drive the awareness of breast health, breast cancer and importance of early detection, we also provide the chance for a better life for women in challenging circumstances via our Bra Bank collection. My team and I are so proud to be able to do this and of our long-term partnership with BCWA.” said Ms Anne Tan.

She also state her goal in hoping to collect 30,000 over bras breaking last year record at 20,000. With collecting over 30,000 bras donation, she will be placing this record in the Malaysian World books of record as the most donated bra collection. 

Left- Ms Anne Tan , Me , Dr. Tan Gie Hooi 

 BCWA’s “Hospital Angels” programme is an initiative where trained specialists will visit newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and help them learn to cope with the disease in an encouraging and positive environment. Funds are raised via Neubodi’s “Pedal Forward” cycling convoy that concluded this morning.Highlight of the day included the official cheque donation to BCWA of over RM60,000 from Neubodi’s “Pedal Forward” initiative. In the morning, over 100 cyclists journeyed 18km, having had personally raised funds for a month prior to the event.

There is also an exclusive sale from its GO PINK collection during this launch weekend at 1 Utama Shopping Centre’s Ground Floor - Highstreet Concourse from 5-8October where RM10 from every PINK BRA purchase will be donated to BCWA. “As a leading lingerie brand in Malaysia, we can educate our customers and the public alike on societal issues that matter through memorable initiatives as part of our Donate.Support Recycle Bra Drive."

Ms Isabelle Liow, whom is Mrs Globe Malaysia also shared a lovely speech entitling "Sharing is Caring". She is a recent Breast Cancer Survivor and a good friend of mine whom I have witness her process fighting against Breast Cancer. Currently, she has recovered from it and has been giving various talks to inspire women out there. She is a live testimonial and a role model for us women out there.

Neubodi’s public awareness programme at One Utama, ending this weekend, is a family-affair with other event partners and mall tenants hosting activities range from flash mobs to makeover sessions to handicraft-making to push- pin art, conservation talks and photo booths. Among the booths one of them were melissachens High Performance Skincare booth where we get personal skincare examination and advices from Melissa Chen the Founder herself.

Finally, the success of Neubodi’s DONATE. SUPPORT. RECYCLE Bra Drive campaign has been made possible with the support of strategic partners Excel SLA (M) Sdn.Bhd and 3 Gorgeous Network. Neubodi’s Bra Drive is being held for a fifth year and has to-date collected some six tonnes of bras.

For ‘pioneering women welfare initiatives’, Neubodi Holdings Sdn.Bhd also received KPWKM’s CSR Malaysia Award (SME Category) in July 2017.

 Do you know that according to the National Cancer Institute Malaysia, about 5,000 Malaysian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and nearly half of those are under 50-years of age !!
Less than 72% of men recover from the disease as doctor’s visit is made when symptoms are more severe. 

Additional information 

 About Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) consists of medical specialists who realised the need for peer support for women with breast cancer founded BCWA in 1986. It is an independent tax- exempt voluntary organisation registered with the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia, and a member and Reach to Recovery International (RRI). For more information, please visit: 

 About Life Line Clothing An international company that is a leader in the recycling industry worldwide. Having 4 offices span across 4 countries, Life Line Clothing is a textile recycling company that has a global conscious mission to help communities reuse, renew and recycling clothing, shoes, toys and household goods. They are committed to keeping textile out of landfills, creating jobs here at home, and abroad. Their unique business model leaves an extremely small carbon footprint and a better planet for the next generation.

So ladies, get your old bras packed up and donate into the Neubodi's 
Bra Banks this month !
Your donation would definitely will place a smile on those whom received it !


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