Printcious custom made Product Review

Finally after writing about where and 

and ordering with Printcious,

My personalized self-designed gift came right upfront to my house door step !!
I just love receiving parcels from the postman. 
It makes me feel like a kid again opening gifts all the time.
 And here's what I ordered from Printcious !
A pillow so sweet of our love with a drawing symbolizing us~

It was quite easy choosing the pictures but since I know some graphic design, 
I designed ready my picture in square form together 
with the drawing of us.
 I was lucky to get it on sale price and chose the colour I prefered most ! Well, depending on your pc screen, my screen has more pale colour resolution so the green colour was not so vibrant in colour during my pick.

I like how easy it was dealing with the purchase and I could even click onto the video to see how the end product in size actually looks like. That made me felt more confident in purchasing it seeing how big it looks like. 

As promised I did not have to wait that long before my pillow finally arrived !

I am satisfied that this pillow is well stuffed with cotton !!
Plus, it comes with a zipper !
Meaning if I want to travel and bring just this pillow case to Norway,
It's possible to just remove the casing.
The material of the cloth is not matte, it has a little bit glossy and so as the print on it .

I totally loved how the printing picture of us came out looking so perfect, not too fair and not too dark as well
For this price and such a big pillow , I feel it's so worth !!
And if you are wondering how the sides stitching are, it looks like this . I must say the stitchings on the sides are less fine but it doesn't bother me at all.
 What's important to me is that the printing was not grainy, our face looks perfectly nice in good colour and this pillow is a memory of us this summer where we were lying on the grass outdoor looking at the sky. It was a beautiful and romantic moment for us and we enjoyed sleeping out in the garden. 

Currently, we both are on a long distance relationship for 3 months and this pillow was initially made to give him as a surprise but then, 
since I like it so much , It's mine and Im gonna keep it for my own to place by my bed and remind me of our summer moments together and hope time would past fast till we meet again this December.

Those with Long distance relationship, thinking of a gift should totally consider this. 

Hugging the pillow also gives some comfort too and make the LDR feelings better. 

Here's to get your customized gifts at – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

Also Check out Printcious
and their Facebook for upcoming promotions.



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