Beaute Library Facial Treatment Review

A facial a month is like just a neccesity nowadays. I recently gave a try at Beaute Library
which is located at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City.

Well, Beaute Library not only just have their beauty salon here but also other parts of Klang Valley. Since It's close to my favourite nail parlour here in Plaza Arkadia, 
I decided to come here right after getting my nails done.

Now, If you are finding a new beauty or facial salon around Desa Park City.
Plaza Arkadia could be the perfect place for you since it's parking free and this location is a non traffic jam area.

I really think its super easy to spot on where is Beaute Library in Plaza Arkadia.
It's exactly by the main road and before entering the car park, you would surely see them.

I was so happy that I did not have to drive a big round to find where they are located at.

Their receptionist area had a classy modern and clean look and I was so happy to see the Christmas tree decoration up already !

 I had a facial consultation done first and filled up my details before proceeding to get my facial treatment done. I must say their receptionist was very kind and friendly and since I booked my time and eventhough I arrived late, I didn't have to wait to get my facial done.

As for their beauty slon Ambience, I really love the clean white look of their salon.

 Their makeup corner was one of my favourite as I can just sit there and take time in blowing my hair or getting my light makeup done right after the facial.

What a luxurious yet clean interior deco.
Don't you agree?  
Apart from that, they also do have a steam sauna room where guests can also take shower at.
Most of all , clean toilet is a must must for me.

Beaute Libary also has various kinds of facial treatments which includes their machine treatments and as for mine, I took their soothing collagen facial treatment.

I must the my beautician never ever left me alone for too long and sure gave me a good face massage as well as neck massage.
The extraction process was satisfying and I was quite shocked to see that it after the facial I don't have much redness on my face at all.

I also realized an instant lifting effect on my skin as my smile lines dissapear on that night.
Since I have a combination and sensitive skin, their cucumber and mint mask was so soothing and It did not cause any allergic reaction.

I would strongly recommend Beaute Library as my experience with them was a pleasant one. 

Beaute Library is now available in 7 locations in Klang Valley.
Below stated are their locations :
Kepong, Cheras, Midvalley,Puchong ,Kota Damansara, KL City Centre and Subang Jaya.
and opens till 9pm at night.

Do keep updated with their FACEBOOK 
for any promotions and offer

Now you can also purchase their skincare treatment packages online through


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