Minnavi Skin Care Review - Customizing skincare needs with natural essential oils.

Hey All ! Recently I have found a skincare from Korea which is perfect for sensitive and Oily combination skin.
I know that most Korean skin care are very hydrating but this product I have tried recently blew my mind. 
It is one of the most perfect Korean product I have ever tested so far !

It's called Minnavi !

WHAT IS Minnavi Skincare ?
Minnavi's concept is customized skincare.
Before getting their products, I informed them about my skin condition and got their essence which is patented for my skin type !
 Their main goal is to empower people and customize our skincare needs with their effective safe products. 

Well, afterall, Korea and Malaysia has totally different weather and so as our lifestyle and humidity level.

So the basic fluid I come comes in 130ML form which is 

a 4 -in-one (moisturizer + lotion + cream + essence all in one) product which can replace a moisturizer !
If you are lazy to have so many skincare, just get this one will do ! 

 Plus their key ingredient is a patented ingredient called “Whitenol”. 
What is Whitenol ?
Whitenol is the key component to these products as it has a special ability to slowly penetrate deep into your skin throughout the day and known to give very strong skin lightening efficacy. Whitenol is 400 times stronger than Arbutin, which is most commonly used for whitening effect. Due to Whitenol and other patented ingredients, these products provide much longer hydration, moisturizing, and whitening effects for the skin. It's important to note that 'whitening' doesn't mean making your skin whiter but helping with pigmentation, uneven skin tones, and spots on your face for a 'brighter' look. 

Not only that, this product contains hyaluronic acid and their whitening effect works ! 

Box Packaging of Minnavi Skincare

Well, thanks to Minnavi ,
I did not just recieved their Time Release Delivery Fluid (Hydrating & Anti- wrinkle)
But also their 2  face oils !!

In total, they have 6 face oils.

Well, there essential oils or ampoule concentrate works like a wonder aroma and skin booster. 

Among those 6 oils, each oils are patented to either Sensitve, Brightening, Deep Moisturising, Nourishing, Vitality and Elasticity. All these essential oils are cold-pressed from all natural (100%) high quality oils. No chemical and toxic ingredients were added to these ampoules. They are vegan and cruelty free. 

Perfect for those whom aren't interested in whitening cause you can purchase their ampoule concentrate just to focus of the part of skin you want to improve better on such as the Deep moisturing ,Sensitive or Vitality.
As I first time opened the packaging for Minnavi Skincare,
I was totally in love with their Oil  Ampule packaging ! They even come with an acrylic stand to support these cute test tube oils just like a deco in the store.

Now, how do you use these oil ampoules?

The one I received were Ap+C Brightening( Apple Seed Coconut ) and Su+S Vitality whichi is Sunflower Sweet Almond Ampoule Concentrate.

HOW TO USE MINNAVI Time Release Fluid with Ampoule concentrate

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing skin and applying toner (optional), squeeze a few drops of the Fluid and oils and mix into the palm of your hand. Apply evenly all over the face. You can use any combination of oils  and amount. If you have really oily skin, I would suggest 1-2 drops, but if you have dry skin or living in dry conditions, our customers use up to 4 or 5 drops. Feel free to use any combination based on what functions you would like to focus. We encourage our potential customers to buy the fluid together with oils but oils can be used independently as well.
My Personal Review of the Minnavi Oil Ampoule Concentrate

How Does it smell : To be honest, the Apple Seed Coconut sounds nice but the aroma of it is much sweeter than the Sunflower Seed Almond Ampoule Concentrate. 

How much I use on my Skin : I only use 1 drop since I have a combination skin. 

Effectiveness : I do see a difference as my skin is getting fairer and it does not trigger new pimples since It's hyrating not oily.


Overall of Minnavi Skin care products after using for a month !

It took quite sometime for me to really test out this product as I have lots of new skincare reviews coming in but among all, Minnavi's Time Release Delivery Fluid is by far my favourite hydrating skincare so far.

Their Fluid is not thick or too oily. It absorbs quickly into my skin without giving a sticky leftover texture and keeps my skin hydrating for the whole night and day.
Apart from that, the combination of their oil also significantly helped me in reducing some pimple scars.
Eventhough I have a combination skin,I was impressed that their product would be suitable for my skin.
Yet, I also do believe it would suit those with dry skin since their essentail oil combination would surely work wonders with just more drops that I normally use.

Now you might wonder why would Minnavi this skincare suit combination skin ? Especially for those that are starting to get wrinkles, it is important to take care of the vitality of your skin at a young age and replenishing moisture always eventhough you might get some pimples popping out once in a while. Having pimples doesn't mean that you have oily skin. Sometimes it can be that your skin is not hydrated internally which cause your body to product more oil as it senses that your skin is drying out and needs more hydration. So by using products that really penetrates and hydrates your skin internally, you would be secreting less oil and getting less white heads, black heads, pimples and acnes !

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