CAMURA Skin Recovery Regimen Treatment Set 5 in 1 Review

Christmas is around the corner and if you are thinking of a gift for that someone special,
here's a great gift to give your love ones regardless being male or female !

 It's the CAMURA Skin Recovery Treatment Set  !!
Ps: This product is suitable for combination to normal skin ~

So, I finally got to try the Camura Skin Recovering Treatment Set and in this package set, and it comes in 5 products, Hydra Cleansing Milk Cleanser, Hydra Essential Lotion, Hydro Gel and Daytime UV Protection !

 So What is Camura?  You probably havent heard of this Brand before so here's a breif intro on what ingrediants Camura has in their skincare products.

Camura products are world-class plant-powered with high potency plant ingredients to get effective skin firming and  brightening for your skin. 
For example, I realized in the Hydra cleansing milk, some of their ingrediants are of cucumber and pepermint where is gives a really nice soothing sensation while washing the face. I do recommend this cleansing milk to those with sensitive and combination skin as it does cleanse well without drying up the skin.
My Ultimate favourite : Camura Hydro gel

After using their products for a few weeks, I do love their product consistency where it's hydrating yet not oily. My favourite of all is their hydro gel. There are many gel products sold out in the market where it leaves a gooey sticky texture on your skin but not for the Camura Hydro gel. This gel difinitely hydrated my skin and my skin does not get oily from it.
 Applying this gel is just like using other moisturising cream whereby you apply it after using their hydra essential lotion which is the toner.

Review : Camura Hydra Essential Lotion 

Their Hydra essential lotion was a bit different from what I expected based on their packaging. This one is a bit more on the liquid side like a toner texture. However, to my surprise, such small bottle and just a drop or 2 does magic. It does hydrates very well from just a drop or two. After apply this as well, my skin instantly feels much hydrated and silky smooth.

Review: Camura  Hydrate Recovery Concentrate
This concentrate gel is really hydrating as I only need to use a drop and then spread it out thoroughly onto my skin. This product is suitable best at night and try avoid spreading most on the dry section of your face since it works great as a hydrating booster.
Those with dry skin would love this product !

Now, this is my second favourite in their range of this Skin Recovery Treatment Set !
It's the Camura Hydrate daytime UV protection !

Do note that if your skin is quite tan, try not to apply too much.
This product has SPF30 and it protects up to 8 hours of the skin without leaving a greasy texture. I love how it spreads so smoothly on my skin and doesn't leave a greasy face at al !
So, if you are considering a nice hydrating sun block, you can totally consider the CAMURA sunblock ! Even after a long day back from work, I realized this sunblock doesn't clog my skin and causes more acnes and pimples.
Purchase link

This Skin Recovery Treatment Set costs Rm208 and they do sell in on Facebook.

Considering a trail set of 5 products plus with some free samples,
I do think CAMURA products are in-par with the facial salon products.
Their products are definitely of quality and not a branded marketing strategy.
208/5 = RM41++ per item I do think It's a steal !!
This set might look tiny as a travel set but since it's quite a potent and hydrating skincare, you don't really need to use so much of their product per session.

Plus, if you are wanting to try their products, why not try their full range first so you can experience a full set on their product range and see the difference after using it a month !

For me personally, their price is surely worth of quality and with my complicated sensitive plus combination skin, it works perfect without needing me to place a thick layer of skincare on my face before going to sleep.

I must say I haven't been sleeping much these days due to the busy work but Camura did play a good role in keeping my skin staying bright and pimple free !
Ps: My face scars are also less visible now ~

Now, here's a great deal since Christmas is around the corner for you all !
Camura is currently having this CHRISTMAS Promotion and 
Don't miss it out !! 
From 1-19 December 2017,
  Camura Beauty is giving away gifts worth RM 850!* Including CAMURA Skin care Set & PANDORA charms!
(This is their CAMURA brighten skin care range- perfect for dry skin and those whom a targeting to recover from scars.


To enter, all you need to do is:
     Like, Share & Review ‘CAMURA Beauty’ Facebook Page 
⭐     CAPTION and answer, (Choose either 1 gift you want, answer and share to WIN) 
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Contest Period: 1 December - 19 December 2017, 11.59pm MYT

*Full T&C >

Don't say I BOJIO !!

Anyways, Here are the links to purchase or contact them !
Pst , Do follow them to get updated with their latest deals and perks !!

Last but not least, always remember pamper your skin everyday and it will keep the pimples and wrinkles away ~



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