Casio Digital Camera TR-11 Mini Review

Hey ya all !

I was invited a few days ago to the launch of Casio TR-11 Digital camera which is also known as the Casio TRMini. It was an event inviting all social media influencers which was quite new to me as usually I am invited as a blogger.  This time, all more than 10 beautiful ladies were given the opportunity to hands on try out the Casio TRMini for a few hours and It only took me about 10 minutes to learn how to use the Casio TRMini ! 
Among the Product Features are 
  • 4.0x digital zoom
  • 2.5-inch Super Clear LCD
  • Wide-angle Lens 21mm*
  • Single Focus Lens
  • Shooting Interval 0.25S
  • ExilimEngineHS3
  • Wireless LAN function
  • 8 LED Ring and 1 Sub Lights
  • Make-Up Mode
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Comes in 5 different colours (Vivid Pink, Light Pink, White, Lime Green, Violet )
Here's the picture I took with the CASIO TRMini.

Based on Youtube, their TRMini launch video looks very clear and nice especially under bright light and good lighting. This time, since the event was at night at Zender's Restaurant in Publika, we were able to try out how good this Casio TR11 works as a selfie camera under low lighting or dark places.

That Night at Zender's Restaurant, I chose the Lime Green Casio TRMini Which is in my highlighted Live video on

To be honest, the event set up was very pretty and Zender Restaurant's lighting was considered cozy with lots of yellow lighting. Due to that, my previous impression before using the Casio TR11 was that the picture outcome would be yellow but it wasnt.
 Due to some of the Pink baloons plus their Pink mode feature, I was able to get a romantic pinkish effect from just choosing this filter before taking the photos. The Outcome of Casio TRMini was sweet. ( Just ignore that seaweed that stucked in my teeth please)

To let you see the difference, Here's a picture of me in the pinkish mode.
And the Normal mode where you can choose which colour mode you prefer for the perfect selfie.
Since I was posting mainly on my instagram, I only used their 1:1 Size settings but you can also choose the Potrait 4:3 Longer size settings which is easy to find in their settings mode.

However I must say no matter how good the camera is, it's important to not shake to much as It will still causes the image to be blurry and less sharp.

One more amazing feature of the Casion TRmini is that it can remove Mole.
So for those whom have mole on their faces, this would be perfect for them without needing to use make up to conceal their mole.

Now to show the difference of my Phone Camera VS The Casio TRMini aka Casio TR11

Here, Im using a Xiaomi Note 4X setted to 13MP to be fair with the Casio TR11 with flash but just slight colour editing since the ambience is quite dark.
The pictures are much more noisy as compared to the Casio TR11 and not as sharp eventhough it's suppose to be a 13mp phone.

Well, enough said since the pictures of the Casio TR11 VS Phone Camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X would be up to you to judge which takes a better photo.

Very often I find it quite hard for us to find the pecfect phone for a good selfie camera 
that comes with the beauty effect packaging. Our phone sometimes gets too laggy from the running apps and games that having a few different makeup apps seems annoying when the phone starts to lag.

I personally think Casio went out of their creativity Box and made a camera like makeup tool
that works like a secret spy tool or even anti theft device since it looks like a not expensive item to snatch or steal in our dangerous society nowadays.

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I hope my review helped you out , if you have any questions, 
Just PM me on Instagram or my Facebook Page


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