ID.AZ DERM Premium Korean Mask Review

Premium KoreanMasks now available at Watsons Stores from this December 2017 !

Want to get that Gold look this Christmas ?
Probably you can consider this mask for your next Masquerade or gold Christmas party while moisturising your face as well !
Anyways, if you have been checking out Watson stores recently, 
you would spot this ID.AZ Derm mask which has quite an interesting name. 

Now they do come in 3 difference packaging of different purposes.
If you havent been checking out Korean news, or their entertainment,
ID.AZ Derm is a famous dermatological centre in Korea for many Korea celebrities.
ID Dermatology Clinic is one of Korea’s top dermatology clinics and hospital in Korea. Beauty editors, bloggers and industry insiders will all know about the next generation treatments available at this clinic, where its headquarters placed in a nice tall glass building in Gangnam !!

ID.AZ Dermastic Premium Sheet Mask Series:
PRICING in Malaysia
Golden-Fit Mask  RM19.90 ( Gold )
Water-Fit Mask  RM12.90 ( blue )
Bright-Fit Mask  RM12.90 ( silver)
And according to the picture, you can see the Gold is really gold but in a gel like form.
Now, that's why it costs a bit more than the rest due to the gel /jelly like material and also it is much bigger in piece which comes in 2 pieces- upper and lower part.

This mask is actually one of the most popular treatment in ID Dermatology which is known to balance nutrition.

Among the active ingrediants in this mask is honey and royal jelly.
Honestly, comparing this mask with the rests, it actually locks in much more moisture.
Suits perfectly for those with dehydrated skin or even combination skin.  
I placed this mask for more than an hour and the gel was still attached to my skin not even dehydrated yet. Don't be surprise if this mask takes a long time to dry out their moisture.

Pricing at RM19.90,
It's definitely  worth it for it's quality !
Here with me is the 
Water-Fit Mask  which hydrates and dry and rough skin

This mask is of different material than the gold mask. It's of the light yet soft paper mask and the lotion doesnt gives a sticky texture. It fits perfectly and does moisturise and soothes the skin.
This mask soothes blemishes and red spots and I recommend placing this mask in the fridge to give a better calming effect.

I would totally recommend this mask to those with combination and oily skin as it doesnt over hydrate or moisturize those with oily skin.
It would work well for those with dry skin however you might find the hydration not as concentrate as the gold mask. 
This premium korean mask, Priced at RM 12.90
Is surely a worth buy !

Now with the 
Bright-Fit Mask ! This mask Enhance dark skin tone
This mask containts pearls and berries essences which is their active ingrediants to brighten up the skin.
One thing I realize which is different from other materials of mask is that this mask is of  soft Micro-fiber mask which is really thin. 
Sometimes we would have problems fitting mask perfectly on the face but this mask did a great job in fast absorption into the skin.
which is great in delivering immediate active ingredients.

Based on 1 time use, I could see that it brightens up a bit of my skin complexion.
As for those whom like to get fairer or get that glowly bright healthy skin, you could consider this mask instead ! 
With it's brightening effects, Priced at RM 12.90
I must say it's a steal !
Another price reminder and comparison between all three m

asks are as below.
Brightening mask – RM12.90
Water mask – RM12.90
Golden mask – RM19.90

Afer using this mask
My skin feels very hydrated and the scars and pores are less obvious.
I must say my ultimate favourite would be the gold mask. It fits perfectly, 
hydrates very well and for a long time .

Great News, It's  curently available in Watsons Stores and for an introductin price , It's BUY 2nd  at only RM1 !
This price is totoally a steal as it is sold quite expensive in Korea as well ! 

To be honest the name of this mask isnt catchy nor the design is unique but the quality of this mask and it's effectiveness is much more important that how effective it works! 
With their current promotion on Watsons, especially for these premium mask,
I totally recommend my friends and families to buy them as well ! 

So what are you waiting for ! 
Get your own 
ID.AZ DERM Premium Korean Mask
 at Watsons Malaysia now at 
RM 19.90 (Golden-Fit)
RM 12.90 (Bright-Fit/Water-Fit)
 (*Buy 2nd pcs at only RM 1)
ID.AZ Dermastic

Get connected with them below for latest updates  and discounts !
Instagram: @idplacosmetics




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