CADS collaborates with COURSERA to launch International Online Courses

Hi Guys! It's education time and this time I would like to share with you all about what our country, Malaysia CADS and COURSERA are up to and their roles in our country. Those of you whom are unsure about this, I hope this would be eye opener for you guys !

The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), is ASEAN’s first and only one stop platform plus center of excellence for Data Sciencein the ASEAN region to empower the next generation of Data Professionals.

Big Data is a current growing trend throughout the world and many companies are constantly searching for the right talent with the right skill sets in order to succeed in this competitive marketplace.

Do you know that the Malaysian government, positioned as a data driven nation, aims to create 20,000 data professionals by 2020?!!

CADS is collaborating with Coursera, the largest ‘massive open online course’ (MOOC) platform in the world to offer a host of data science courses to all Malaysians.

Now, working professionals and university students will be able to pursue their dream career in the field of data science without stepping out of their house !

Can you imagine one can complete their one-year online education programme by taking advantage of the 11 online courses of international standards, offered
by premier global institutions.

Apart from being online, there are also offline benefits where students will also have the access to CADS Learning Hubs.
They can also choose to have weekly personalized tutoring session with highly trained and experienced Data Scientists.

Mr. Cheam Tat Inn, Managing Director at CADS exchanged a memorandum of understanding between Mr. Matthew Klein, Manager of International Government Partnerships at Coursera.

Apart from that, Ms. Sharala Axryd, Chief Executive Officer at ADAX and Dr Karl Ng Hou was also present at the event.

“We are delighted to partner with Coursera, as we believe this collaboration will enable us to nurture and empower a new generation of data scientists who will have access to the world’s best online education."“This signifies our commitment in having a highly skilled pool of data scientists who are exposed to courses from international universities. Among the reputable institutions are John Hopkins University, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, and University of California, San Diego,” said Mr. Cheam Tat Inn, Managing Director of CADS.

This online international education is great platform and opportunity that enables all Malaysians to pursue their education without having any restrictions or inconvenience. This collaboration between CADS and Coursera offers extensive learning in data science and related topics, plus allowing individuals to have internationally recognized accreditation without having to leave Malaysiaa and study abroad. Thanks to Coursera as they complemented a broader learning experience by bringing the campus to individuals and their workplace.

Matthew Klein, Manager International Government Partnerships of Coursera added, “We are extremely pleased to be working with CADS to create an opportunity to make high-quality, cost-effective data science learning accessible in Malaysia. The CADS partnership is really unique in its blended learning offering to participants, allowing them the benefit of our wide range of cutting-edge courses on data analytics from top-tier University and industry partners, as well as utilizing personalized mentors to create a really innovative effort that will generate a critical talent pool for data scientists in Malaysia.”
“A MOOC platform like Coursera will prove to be a valuable tool in an individual’s arsenal. Organizations have placed more importance on reskilling and upskilling as they demand proficiency in new technologies. Utilizing online courses can lead to fulfilling careers through expanded learning for university students, career progression for working individuals and a sustainable workforce for employers,” said Sharala Axryd, CEO of ADAX.


This course will begin Next year, February 2018 and be priced at ONLY RM4,999 for working professionals

and just RM3,599 for students !!!

What Does this Fee Includes??

This fee covers examination and quizzes; lab access, and the guidance of a data scientist 1 hour per week throughout the whole learning process.

When is a open registration date?

Online registration starts on 15th December 2017

with a special discount of 10% offered to individuals

who register before 31st December, 2017.

So what are you waiting for ?!
Pursue your career in Data Science and enjoy your savings today!

About The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS)

Established in October 2015, The Center of Applied Data Science was set up to respond to the critical need for real world qualified data scientists and data professionals in the face of digital disruption. Its aim is to nurture a new generation of Data Professionals who can meet and exceed the needs of today’s data disrupted world through an accelerated and rigorous program of best-of-class mentorship that will solve real business challenges within organisations, as well as real-world situations outside.The Center of Applied Data Science partnered with The Data Incubator, New York, US to bring ASEAN’s first Data Science accelerator program to transform the brightest science and engineering talents in South East Asia into qualified, top-notch quality data scientists.

PS : Further information about The Center of Applied Data Science is available at


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