Jonlivia ActivPants with Neo Heat Technology Review

Finding way to combat fats and burning body fats effectively ?
Well, here's something I tried out which would work out for you !
Not to forget, you can't think of loosing weight without exercising or eating a healthy clean diet !
I am difinitely one of those not with high metabolism rate and I totally admit if I eat too much , I would be fat like a panda.
The one body part of mine which would get fat easily are my thighs and legs.

The solution ? I would need to burn more fats targeting my thighs , legs and tummy.
So, If you haven't heard of the Hotpants, pants that make you sweat like crazy,
you are definitely missing out !

If you are also small size like me and wanting a smaller version of hotpants,
JONLIVIA ACTIVPANTS  have XS size hotpants
and wearing a much tighter hot pants not only would constrict your fatty tighs but also since it covers up my belly,
it also contricts my waist !
Apart from the tight constricting material,
The Jonliva Activ Pants does makes me sweat more inside.
However, if you prefer it less constricting, 
you can choose a preferable size that you feel comfortable with.

So , why have I chosen Jonlivia Hotpants instead of other brands ?

We all know that Hotpants is not a cheap pants and there are definitely other brands out there in the market .

Well the reason I chose Jonlivia because the 
Jonlivia Active Hotpants is Genuine Neoprene Made and have 4 layers.
Their fabric technology is way much thicker than other brands I have seen in the market.
With their fabric technology comparison, it sounds more promising as technologically the Jonlivia Hotpants traps body heat that would also increase the blood circulation . 
A better blood circulation,   works great for our overall health !

Apart from this ,if you are worried about the elasticity of their pants especially the hips area, Jonlivia Active Pants have strapped a double layer that prolongs the elastiscity so it will not burst nor loose the elasticity easily.

I love the Jonlivia Hotpants double waist level which also looks great as a high waist pants that can be pulled up to the tummy level ! 

Not to forget, if you are going for a run or at the gym, you can place some emergency keys or cash in their hidden pocket pants  which is at the back of the pants !

 I must say I sweat way much more while exercising in their Jonlivia hotpants and I had felt my heart rate increases much faster than before. 
It sure feels like it takes less effort exercising to sweat while wearing the Jonlivia Hotpants. 
So, is the Jonlivia Hotpants comfortable ?

After trying out exercising, doing yoga and running with the Jonlivia Hotpants,
I realized that it was worth wearing this pants on daily basis or even as a fashion wear as it also keeps my skin hydrated and very smooth.
My verdict, the  trapped sweat underneath the pants could have worked as a natural moisturizer.

As for their pants material flexibility, I must say it wouldn't be as flexible as a spandax material as afterall, 
it's made of of Neoprene which is a scuba diving material.
However the inner stripped part containing a thin layer of spandax does work as a great airing material for this pants and making it quite stretchable.

How effective in wearing the Jonlivia ActivPants ?
Does it work?

Well, it all boils down to if you willing to wear this pants often or not.

Somehow, I do feel like wearing this frequently does makes a difference as now I find myself being able to squeeze into my old skinny jeans easily.

Not to forget, to be fit and loose weight does not just depend on Jonlivia Activ Pants ! 
You would surely need to put some effort in exercising and eat healthy too !!
Cheers to a better and healthier New Year.

So, if you are thinking of loosing weight through burning more calories,
I would totally recommend wearing Jonlivia while exercising to enhance the calorie burning rate and also not to forget to watch you diet.

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For more info and where to purchase,

check out their 

or even 

And if you want to visit their stores to feel their product material beforehand, 
just visit their store at 

Highlights info row image016-263 4410
Opening hours 11:30am-10pm

Stay fit, healthy and Beautiful!


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