Plantronics Wireless Sport Black Beat Fit 505 Review

Heya All !
 Recently I got to personally test out the Plantronics Wireless Sport Black Beat Fit 505   !

Well, now you guys might be wondering: 
What would a girl know about a headphone or even review it? 

To be honest, I am not those whom experiment much with earphones but I do have friends, brothers whom are into music and some even work as a sound engineer.

Here are some verdicts from them and from myself as just a normal range customer.

Before rating it, Let me state the features of the Plantronics Wireless Sport Black Beat Fit 505


Apart from that, this  

                        BACKBEAT FIT 500 SERIES

suprised me when I saw that it was Sweat and Moisture Protection, 18 hours of Power , easy access on ear controls for calls and music and has High quality Audio !

First Rating the Black Beat fit 505 based on it's looks.
I'd give it a 9/10 rating !
I love the gradient design, the small cut edge on the bottom part which is quite futuristic. 
I just didnt like their orange labelling sticking out of this headphone.Plus, they also have teal gradient colour which is also in the Black Beat 500 series !

Rating on How accesable or User friendly 
is the Plantronics Wireless Sport Black Beat Fit 505.
User Friendly : 7/10

I must say that their twisting earphones are very easy and nice.
There are so many shortcuts to learn about how to operate and connect their Wireless headphone and it has been not easy for a non headphone user like me.
However, for my buddies and my brothers, they know instantly on how it operates and get connected. They were the ones whom taught me on how to use it and to pull the button down longer in order to get the Bluetooth connection on that would gives this blue light signal.
I love it how whenever it starts, there will be a voice informing how much battery is left and most of the time, I hear battery full or I have lots of battery.
It seriously came to a point that I realize, I don't really need to charge this Sport Black Beat Fit for days or even daily ! 

Level of Comfortness : 8/10 
Their sponge is so comfortable and it is not too tight nor makes my ear sweat.

Increasing and decreasing the volume or meddling with their buttons sure feels like this headphone is of good quality as comparing previously to my headphones, I usually feel the quality based on how the button clicking reacts as sometimes it just breaks or becomes loose. The Plantronics Wireless Sport Black Beat Fit did not gave that springy button click but instead a smooth one with a fast response.
Now comes to the twisting and flexible earphone part
Flexibility : 9/10
just becase I never had a headphone where I could twist like this and that
makes me feels like a DJ somehow.
Apart from that, sharing the music with friends or removing one side of the headphone
to just listen to somebody you are with is so much easier.
That's because most headphones , we would need to usually bring it down to our neck or remove it totally just in order to listen to others.

Now as for the size, I would have no complains and I love how small and stylist the Black Bit fit 505 is !
For my brother whom has a bigger ear, he complains it for now being able to cover the ear and it feels uncomfortable. 
I find this size perfect for me and apart from sports outfit, this could also fit and match a normal nice fashionable outfit too !
However, I realized even though it's not so big but once you have the headphones on,
 it becomes quite sound proof !!!

Or even suit me while I'm doing my gym since it's sweat proof as well !
I wouldn't need to worry that my sweating head and sweats would be absorbed into the headphones and cause a bad odour.
As for their sound quality, I've tested it and love especially with the bass.
The sound quality is very good and even while chatting with my friend on the phone using this. It works amazing with the Bluetooh speaking since therer is no mic needed to be placed near my mouth at all !

And so, If you asked me , the BlackBeat Fit 505, would it be worth the price?
I would say YES for this quality, durability of batterry and flexiblity.
Plus, it's way much more stylish , elegant with a touch of class for the headphone that works even well while you are doing sport.

I do hope my verdict and Review helped you out in deciding the perfect earphone !!



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