Do you really need a Beauty Blender ?

A Beauty Blender a day, keeps the dirty germs away.
Are you still using your fingers to blend make up?
Or brushes where you wash only once a month ?

Blending is the key to a perfect flawless makeup and to be honest, I personally have been using make up without a beauty blender. Yet after trying out the beauty blender, my impression of blending make up changed and here is a piece of my mind to share with those of you guys whom are contemplating of buying a beauty blender.

In conjunction with the Beauty Blender x Benefit cosmetic event in Sephora KLCC,
I had the chance to get to know more in details about the Beauty Blender and the difference of it comparing to a normal sponge. 

Not to forget the gorgeous Arisa Chow was also there.
The history of Beauty Blender started with special effect make up and as a special effect make up artist, I do understand it can be a challenging in terms of blending a flawless makeup effect.

The Original Beauty Blender, from a simple pink sponge to slowly expanding into other ranges, the Beauty Blender works not only well with a foundation oil based but also even powdered makeup  !

During this workshop, Beauty Blender Malaysia cooperated with the Benefit cosmetics to demo - POREperfect Complexion Workshop on how well the beauty blender works as well as introducing their all new Liner designer. 
This all new liner designer is light and has a straight edge which is flexible and stays in place when you placed in against your skin. 
 So here's what I have learnt from this workshop.

Benefits of Beauty Blender Liner Designer-No more Makeup mistakes!
1) It's super handy in shaping the perfect  eyebrow shape 
2) No more messy eyelid caused by your mascara. - The perfect Mascara guard
3) Plus, the compact that comes with it has has a 5X magnifying mirror and suction cup allowing the compact to be used at eye level – anywhere, anytime. 
4) No more messy ,crooked Eyeliner with their striaght edge guide ! ( perfect for those whom can't draw an eyeliner with a steay hand .)
5) Shape your highlighter or contour with the perfect angle as it helps in acheiving symmetrical lines. 
6) The three different sides of liner.designer are devised to help create different angles and liner shapes.

I do think the liner designer is a perfect makeup tool for those whom are learning makeup or perfectionist, It's either you can't draw that line or you seek to draw the perfect, flawless , symmetrical line. 

I do love how beauty blender is slowly catering for more variety of beauty needs as the idea of beauty blender started just for blending purpose. Yet, it's now a tool not just for blending, blotting and even shaping ! Who would have figure out the various of benefits and uses of this beauty blender !
Thanks for Beauty Blender, we bloggers also received their 15th year anniversary gift box including  their  Blotterazzi, 2 beauty blenders, 2 micro blender( which works perfectly for eyeshadow or contouring the nose area) and their beauty blender cleanser. 

I was super delighted to recieve the beauty blender Blotterazzi as sometimes after awhile,
my face does get oily and I always would need to blot my face.

Thank you Beauty Blender so much for so many of these  !!
After trying out the Beauty Blender cleanser, I fell totally in love with it!!
It totally helped out a lot in cleaning off the makeup much faster.
I find it so much more effective not just cleaning mybeauty blender but also brushes.
So , if you are considering purchashing the Beauty blender cleanser, 
I'd say Go for it cause this can be used to clean your other make up spongers, brushes and even your lingerie ! 

It's made of silicon, soft and not harsh at all !

Now when it comes to the Blotterazzi,
I have told u all about how much problem I face with oily skin and been looking forward to try this out.
This, you would need to wait for my upcoming review then ! 

How long does the beauty blender lasts? 
If you use the beauty blender daily for makeup and washes it often, I must say it would last 3 months and above. 
However, if you are like me, make up only 2 to 3 times a week,
 then your beauty blender would last longer !
Do remember to keep in the container to prevent germs from entering.

Where to purchase the original Beauty Blender in Malaysia?
For retail, it's available in
All Sephora Outlets Malaysia
as well as their online shop.

For more tips and deals , 
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On Facebook to get updated on their latest coolest products ! 



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