My first time trying Hamam Spa : Hamam Moroccan Spa Malaysia Review

Have you ever wondered how is it like to be in a Morrocan spa without going to Morroco ?
Or Experience Turkish bath without going to Turkey? 
Here's a solution to feel like you have traveled to Morroco or Turkey without stepping out of Malaysia .
Just go to a Morrocan Spa in Malaysia ! Yes, It's available in Malaysia and this spa will blow your mind and make you feel like you are abroad.
PS: Be mentally prepared for a culture shock !

Hamam Spa known also as A Turkish bath translated as hamamArabicحمّام
is a type of public bathing associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire.

It would be like Korean's Jimjibang or Japanese Onsen (hotspring) as a metaphore comparison to the medditeranian countries. 
It's my first time trying out a Hamam and Gommage and this place totally blew my mind! Felt like I stepped into another country when I entered Hamam spa. Honestly , it was quite a culture shock for me. Knowing that Hamam and Gommage would be like a scrubbing spa, I couldn't imagine how would they bath and scrub me thinking that I might be naked laying flat on a hard marble table.

However, my imaginations were totally wrong !
From entering the Hamam Spa in Publika,
I was escorted from the reception to their changing room where I had to keep my clothes and bags in the locker and place in my own pincode
then change into their provided disposable bra , underwear as well as bathing robe.


Stepping into the Hamam for the first time ever without being in Morocco or Turkey,
my first impression was :
WOW ! It's so humid and warm in here.

I couldn't believe a Hamam is humid and warm yet comfortable!
Plus,even the walls are warm !
I was warmly welcomed by a Moroccan lady, and from that onwards, I became like a child again. Whatever she tells me to do, I will do cause she will be serving me and I need to cooperate to let her bathe and scrub me.

This stern chubby morrocan lady spoke little english and had a running water with a bucket by her side.
First thing, I removed my robe and was poured down a warm bucket of water all over like a constant warm waterfall.

At first, I wasnt use to it but I started chatting with her in simple Arabic so the situation felt much better.
She then used the Dead Sea Soap lathering onto my skin and then left me laying down on the marble table and I fell asleep within just few minutes.
I couldn't believe how hard yet comfortable the marble table was.

Next, she came and started scrubbing me with a glove scrub !
So basically, she "molested" me with a glove. *grin*
And I did asked her this: Do you scrub men as well ?
She replied: I scrub anyone, everyone. Men, Women, kids, couples, Indian, Chinese....
with her interesting moroccan-english accent. I could feel that her english wasn't that good but she was still nice to me untill, the scrubbing came to the sensitive part.
MY ARMPIT !! I couldn't believe from just a gentle strobe, I felt that sensation in my nerves.
I couldn't tell her to stop cause she already went past it and when I wanted to say stop, it was over that zone.

Well in my heart I told myself , It's just like a Thai massage, the pain is good for you.
But honestly, I loved the back scrubbing session and ankle zone.
The moroccan lady was super professional . She looks like she was curling, scrubbing the floor and had a serious look while scrubbing me with a look : I am gonna make you sparkly clean.

The results : Instantly you will see those black darky spots on the marble table and mine, was so much I could gather it on my palm.
Unfortunately, we had a miscommunication since her english command wasn't so good.
I wanted to take picture of the amount of dead darky stuffs that came off.
She replied Ok ,but the next thing she did was to take the bucket of water and splashing it off onto the ground.
My heart shattered due to this english breakdown miscommunication.
Oh how much I wanted to show you guys how dirty I was !

Nevertheless, She still know how to take photos for me and did a great job in taking my photos in their Hamam area!
Pst : Because there is no one and I was invited as a Media
, so I was allowed to take photos in here.
Normal guest are strictly forbidden to take their phones and photos.

When the scrub was finally over, I was left there again to lay of the table with a body masque. That layer of masque soothes my skin right after the scrub.
Again,I fell asleep and thank God no one was around cause I might have snored.
She came in after, washed me hair with their refreshing shampoo and instructed me to turn here and there, stand up, sit down , whatever position best for her to shower me all over.

I seriously felt like a kid once again !
To be fair, she could be of my mum's age so that would be fine.

After that, I was brought to their special rest room area which is dark and cozy.
I swear that this area has some aroma and ambience so cozy that it makes a person sleeps so easily ! So i rested for 10minutes enjoying their sweet tea and dessert before going for my aroma theraphy massage.

I came on a Friday 2pm afternoon and there was not many people around so I had all the privacy to myself and it was very nice to enjoy gazing at the unique architectures in this spa feeling like being in a relaxing art gallery.

To be honest,after the scrub before the masque some parts of my skin felt a bit sore but then after the masque, my skin felt like baby smooth after that !

Even their toilets are a must visit !
Every single details of this spa is just so artistic and it feels like the owners have placed so much artistic effort into making this place feel super foreign.
As I entered into my massage room,
the ambience was unlike the usual massage places I have been to.
It also gives this super mediteranian feel and their massage bed is by far the most comfortable one of all. The bed feels as if it's of good quality and right below the head padding hole, there is also a flower with a nice aromatheraphy fragrance which calms your senses.
I had a 75minutes Aromatheraphy massage and I totally recommend anyone to try their massages. Their massage is difinitely different from Thai or Balinese. I love their massage technique where the masseuse catching exactly the points and strobing with a continuous manner on that point of veins/ nerves.

To be honest, I literally had "massagasm" from their massage and wished it would never end. 

Since I haven't yet to try all the other services by Hamam Moroccan Spa Publika, 
these 3 services,
Hamam and Gommage,
Moorish Rhassoul Body masque 
and Aromatic Massage 
are very well recommended !

For first timers , I do encourage you guys to try out their Hammam and Gommage 
as it would be a worth experience !

Now next, you might wonder, 
HOW MUCH Does a Hamam costs in Malaysia ?

Here are are price list and I do think the experience, quality and ambience of this place is worth paying for. 
Afterall, you don't need to fly all the way to Morocco or Turkey and it's just a drive away in Klang Valley ! 

Don't you think this place feels like out of Malaysia ?
More information and bookings online just hed to their Website

Check out their FB page for Updates

Well, I haven't been to Morocco nor mediteranian countries before but if you did and had experienced the real Hamam in Turkey or Morocco, do message me or leave on comment on my Instagram or Facebook Page !


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