The King of all Premium RoseTea : Beautea 玫瑰花冠王

Rose tea is widely known for their health and therapeautic benefits as they contain Vitamin C, pectin, malic and citric acids. It also clears toxins and heat from the body promoting a better blood circulation and taste really good. Being such a common tea in the market nowadays, it can be hard to choose among all these varieties.
Everyone has their own preferences , some would go for the cheapest rose tea in the market whereas some would stick to the same old brand they prefer best. 
However, just like humans, roses have different kinds of colours that blooms in different season. Do you even know there are roses that bloom only in the winter, amongst the snow?

Well, let's not side track into rose-pedia now since I would like to introduce you this new tea I have tried which has a unique Rose tea taste.


is known as a brand for selling The king of all roses.
Premium Rose Corolla

Their Rose Corolla are being harvest when they are half bloomed just when the essential and nutrients are at its peak form. 
This rose is a very rare species, it only blooms once a year, making it very precious.
Plus, It has no additives and it retains the highest amount of rose essential oil with a unique drying process.

The Beautea Premium Rose tea contains 11 more Essential rose oil than a normal Rose flower. 
With just two Beautea Roses, you can remake your tea 6-7 times a day !
So, I ordered my Beautea Rose Tea online and received it during Christmas! 
It was packed in a lovely box nicely decorated. 

And came in this packaging. 

Behind this can, is a decription on how to serve and make the Rose tea on our own.
One flower, 85degree celcius warm water, and 350ml poured into a cup.

I  must say, the Rose smelled like essential oil as I opened the pack and even after pouring hot water into my cup.
I see the slow transformation of the dark pink rose colour changing into lighter and lighter pink.
It was beautiful to see how it bloomed in the tea and you can see the tea releases a light yellow colour.

I had my first sip of this rose tea and it tasted with natural sweetness of Rose as if I was drinking a rose essentail oil which is not oily at all.
I even tried eating their roses after and it tasted like Jelly.
There are also benefits of eating Rose petals so don't waste it !

Among the Benefits of Rose tea  is that it helps in menstrual pain, skin and hair benefits, weight loss, urinary problems, constipation, helps sore throat, gives an immune system boost and even help release from stress and anxiety !

There are so much benefits of drinking just a normal rose tea so imagine how much more effective the 
would work since it contains much more Rose oil comparing to a normal rose.

Where to purchase Beautea 玫瑰花冠王 ?

It's RM69.90 for 15g of Beautea Rose Tea pack 
After opening , do remember to store it in a cool dry place and enjoy their rose tea within 60 days ! 

This is currently my favourite tea for this winter in Norway.
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Cheers and have a lovely week !


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