2018 Stylish Snow Day Outfit Ideas

Since i came to Oslo , Norway , this year 2018 has been a very snowy year in Oslo and I get to wear so many winter outfits to match the snowy day !
Here are some stylish outfits I wear in this winter 2018 and I hope it can help and inspire you guys in what to wear for an outing on a snowy day !

Going brown and the classic elegant look and matching long coats
with high boots can never go wrong.

I matched it with a pink big sunnies and well it looked quite brown somehow !
Fur in in the trend and this mink ombre coat gives an edgy rock look.
Matching it with ripped black jeans for that cool chic look.
Rose gold is a beauty, Light pink is sweet while bright pink is an attention catcher,
Pink bubble jacket can never go wrong matching with a pair of white jeans to give that sweet look.
Plus, these bubble jackets keeps you really warm when its zipped up !

But when it gets too warm, just upzip it and unleash the less sweet side of you !

Beige is a colour that matches all kinds of look in winter but this time instead of the classic white and black,
I matched the beigh bubble jacket with maroon and red leather boots and rayban sunglasses and a white wool cap.

Never underesitmate the power of matching earthly colours !

Baby blue coats are always perfect for that sweet yet elegant look.
Matching this Baby blue coat and tying my scarf in a donut like shape for a chic look.

Not to forget, it's always good to have your Hunter boots on to walk in thick snow and not get wet !

It's a Fun Ice skating day Outfit !
Sunny day in Oslo and since mustard is the nice happy colour , 
I've decided to go with bright colour for a fun day ice skating in the city centre !
Wearing a mustard knitted top , colourful patchy coat, light grey pink scarf, colourful sunglasses and high waist jeans.
It was indeed a fun day !
Not to forget matching it with Hunter boots in turqouise !
Behind me is the Oslo city hall by Akerbrygge.
And here , exactly when you wonder
What to wear for ice skating !
My advice is that wear anything you like as long you know you won't fall.
Going Red on a gloomy cloudy winter day could make you stand out and enlighten the day !
Why not wear your chokers out instead of hiding it in?

But then the chokers aints gonna keep you warm so I had to have furs to
keep in warm outdoors.
Perfect for my Chinese New Year look looking so red !
Black sunnies on a sunny day !
The classic black and white matching  outfit for a snowy day !
Velvet is in the trend this year 2018 and it can never go wrong wearing a velvet
black pants !

Grey is the New black !
This year, I must admit I fell in love with light grey colour and even turned my hair grey !

Last but not least when the snow disappears, 
It's time to show some green to this world and welcome Spring !

So , which Snowy Outfit of all these you like most ?
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Have a nice day !



HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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