How to self design Instagram Live Story Cover for Free or without paying !

Hey ya all !
Have you ever look at other's instagram and saw they have nice Instagram live story cover Icons which looks like its self designed, or done by artists?

If you want to be like that and design your own patent s instagram live story icon even without having art sense,
you can !
Plus, it's for FREE and you dont have to pay at all for 
doing all the designs
or getting them !

Here is my Instagram
Be sure to follow or message me personally to ask questions or get in touch with me !

If you know Photoshop and has Photoshop, 
It wouldn't be a problem for you to get it done but then the steps of getting the icons, and font choices are much more limited if you have not predownloaded the presets, patterns and fonts. 

So to design Instagram live story covers,
Even if you have no photoshop skills or artist sense,
You can try use CANVA ! / Photoshop
(even I know Photoshop but it's so troublesome !! )

Just sign up an account with your google account . 
And get started ! 
Canva has lots of designs which are available free or paid .
There are choices of certain patterns and if you would want the nice ones, 
you would need to pay for it to remove the watermarks.
(but, some designs are so small, their watermarks aren't obvious for an Instagram 
story cover ! )

Well, Canva is not exactly free and the glitch from CANVA is that their downloading link is sent through your phone number which might charge your provider.

SO, Design your Instagram Live Story Cover without worrying $$
because read on, I will teach you how to skip the progress of
having them sending the link to your Phone number.

Here's an example of my design !
Just take it if you like it ! 
(message me on instagram & I would be glad I helped you out !)

So once you are done with your design ,

ZOOM your webpage, and use this on your windows,
Snipping tool
( All Windows 7, 8 have Snipping tool, just search for it ! )
It allows you to cut anything you see from your computer screen !
Super amazing tool I must say and works perfectly for me.

So you SNIP out your design you zoomed which is about this size, save in JPEG
Transfer to your Handphone, throught FB messenger even it's ok
(the quality of clarity for Instagram Live Cover story doesnt really matter since that Icon is small on your phone or anyone's phone.
Unless they use a huge pad !! 

Upload it on your Live Story 

And Then, you know next , Choose it to be your Archive for the specific Instagram Live story page you want. 

And for those with links, do remember to place your link together with the Instagram Live Story Update !

Now Arrange your Instagram and your 
Instagram Live Story Cover is well nicely done !

Neat and less messy compared to just a bunch of photos ~
You may call it an OCD but I am glad my Instagram page now looks way much more organized and focused.

Hit me up in my instagram to let me know If I helped you out !
                                                        I would love to know !

Have a nice day you all !
(SHhhh... Let this be a secret between us don't let Canva know about this glitch I found out to avoid paying for just a tiny simple design ~ )



HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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