How are the Hotels in Norway like ? A review of Thon Hotel, Oslo

Hi guys !
How have you all been doing ? 
Recently, I stayed in 
Thon Hotel Spectrum 
 which Located at the heart of Oslo , close to Oslo bus station, main train station and of course the Oslo Spectrum !
That's why its called Thon Hotel Spectrum.

The Thon Hotel Oslo Spectrum is newly refurbished and has a new interior design compared to their previous one. 

Here's How the Thon Hotel Spectrum Looks like
Before : Their entrance was barely noticeable

 And Now ! ( I didn't realized their hotel was even at that corner.
Now, if I passby there and not realized it, I must have been so blind.

For many years, Norway has been known for their underrated  pricey hotels and ever since the appearenced of Airbnb, Hotels in Norway has been facing struggles to win the heart of travellers due to their older unappealing designs and services.
If you ever view some Thon Hotels review of Tripadvisor which is many years ago,
most of them were had not an appealing review.

Yet, within these years, more 
tourists flooded into Norway seeking the beauty of mother nature and
Oslo is the main hub where most tourists first start their adventure in exploring or getting to know Norway. Thon Hotel realized this fast and well and their refurbishment on Thon Hotel Spectrum is by far enlightening the streets of Brugata.

The website and photos of Thon Hotel Spectrum on Thon Hotels Website looks enlightening and the reason I chose this hotel was because it was located nearby the Bus station and train station.

The entrance of Thon Hotel Spectrum Oslo is full of colours that potrays modern and funkyness. Even their lounge area itself is brightly lighten with big glass window allowing guests to see the busy street life of the streets of Oslo.

So we Checked in at 15.00

And got our hotel room which is 
on the 5th Floor which is the 2nd highest Floor
The Thon Hotel Spectrum has 
187 rooms
3 disabled friendly rooms
19Family Rooms
Plus all rooms are Allergy Friendly Rooms

Upon entering our room, I was in love with the Arched Window which only
high floors have. 
These huge windows brightens up the whole room without needing much indoor lights.
Plus, the wall mounted adjustable angle TV can also use for Chrome casting to like watching my Youtube videos !

Meanwhile , the view from my Hotel room shows out the view of Oslo terminal Bus station and the Square nearby Hotel Radisson Blu. 
What I like most is to view the passerbyers as that night was a huge night performance at
Oslo Spectrum.
There will be Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2018 and many were well dressed to go over to Oslo spectrum.
Unfortunately, Thon Hotel Specturm doesnt provide evening buffets unlike the Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Hotel. I ended the night dining and back drinking in the hotel room enjoying the night view.

The Next morning, I woke up with a great sleep and I must say, 
their Beds were so comfortable !
Breakfast Buffet started serving in the early morning and to my surprised , 
it was packed ! Majority came here to watch the Melodi Grand Prix and I kept overhearing Norwegians complementing how comfortable the bed was !
I cant remember how much I ate that morning but It was endless of pastries for sure as
they were fresh baked. 
Meanwhile, dining hall in Thon Hotel Spectrum was huge !
This complemantry Breakfast was my ultimate favourite of all and their dining hall deco gives a homely yet elegant ambience.

Another hot picked breakfast meal was their Bacon, Omellete and Stir fried Champingon !

For instance, their danish pastry with custard filling was so good that the custard melts in my mouth within every bite. I had to literraly check the pastry corner frequently to see if they had refilled more due to lack of stocks !

They even opened another section later as the whole dining place became too packed and 
this corner, the decor was tropical with a glass roof lighting up the whole area.

Apart from that, tourist would also be able to try out some Norwegian cheese varieties, Hams , smoked salmon, cured salmon, moose , horset salami etc. These are so exotic for a breakfast which has so much variety of choices !
Drinks wise, I do think their Fresh Orange squeezer machine was cool and the Fresh Mango jucie was my favourite. Meanwhile dessert, there are also fruits and carrot cakes to finally say and end to this feast !

Business travellers dont need to worry as they also have a hidden cabinet with iron clothes tools as well as the glass fridge with mini bars to fill ur needs ! Most of the lighting controls and heat were in touch panels yet do take note their showerrooms are very narrow.  Perfect for a small size women like me !

Most of all, 829Kr for this room in Oslo , Norway, is definitely worth with such Modern ammenities and such delicious breakfast buffet ! I had a nice stay and hope my sharing of this review would help you deciding to stay in which hotels in Oslo,Norway !



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